Saturday, August 14, 2010

A new door opens

Sunday I came upon these two bags of threads...and really how could I not give up my pocket change for the contents of the bags knowing what I pay for just one DMC floss. 39 cents.

And then I come across this book! Now my embroidery knowledge is very basic, chain stitch, back stitch, french knot, blanket stitch. This book has stitches that I never heard of.

The book was brought over from England by a woman that made dolls and sewed their costumes. Her daughter Trish took me inside the house to see the dolls and they were beautiful. Their outfits appointed with finest of silks and handmade lace.

This winter I hope to find myself wrapped in a quilt, fireside, book at my side learning the Maltese Cross Filling stitch!

Joy.............................all ways!


  1. How fascinating, I love stories like this. what a great surprise that must have been to find that book....I will look forward to seeing those stitches all neat in a row!!! I am trying hard to do more hand work and embroidery!
    Margaret B

  2. Joy, I'd love to have a page from that book. All I know are the basics too. I was stretching my brain on our trip to see if I could remember anything else...and not much came to mind. What great bags of fibers! How could you walk away from that?! And, if you just pull colors you like it won't matter if you know the numbers on them or not.

  3. It's never too late to add a new addiction to or lives!!! LOL!

  4. I have lately been thinking about dragging out my big box of embroidery threads that I have not used in years - many, many years, and just randomly embroidering something & your post feeds that fire. I rather like that in your book the bullion stitch is called the caterpillar stitch. It's much more descriptive of how the stitch actually looks! If we still lived near each other I think I'd beg you to let me borrow that book so I could copy all the pages. ;-)