Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving................I send you Blessings

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Junkin Monday

A warm amber willow picnic hamper to heighten the stack...when I brought it in the house dear sweetie was admiring it...I took it to his study and added it to the stack...he chuckled and said"you knew right where it was going" he is right I knew the minute I saw it at the rummage sale that it would rest with the other baskets in his room. How high to that is the question?????

a candle lit day with a light drizzle outside making the glow warming to the soul. The fairy lamp and thread spools were a great find at the rummage sale. The spools are just the right size to house a candle in the top hole. Can you believe the Autumn colors of the taller spool?

I always have my eye out for items to add height to my vignettes. Marcela from Nice and Easy antiques has had a hand in me seeing things a bit different. This little pumpkin rest on an upside down silver compote dish layered on top of another pedestal...

Kid leather gloves...from the Dollar store! Not really, but they were only a dollar! The fit...perfect! I needed a black pair of gloves, I always seem to get brown??? Perfect timing as our evenings drop into the low 40's.

Tea cups for a quarter at the rummage sale...priced by the Mad Hatter himself I believe!!! You must be mad to sell tea cups for a quarter....all made in England and vintage! MAD I SAY!
Six hand painted tea cups ...............$1.50 and no tea tax!
My mind won't leave this alone.............ideas a plenty
Emergency candles in a lovely shade of honey

and what is Junkin Monday without a little junk???

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

As promised

As promised here are some of the other photos I took of Abby...I know how sweet...right!

This is her grandmothers nurse's cap. The photo will be a holiday gift...we also took some shots of her in her grandfather's fire helmet...what a gift it will be to see their sweet Abby in these photos.

Where's the horse? I thought she looked so Alice in Wonderland.

I adore shooting children's hands

Abby is a girl after my own heart. You can see how she loved these vintage cowboy boots. They were my son's boots and I believe that he slept in them a few nights!

Lessons learned

First lessons in the studio. Sunday I gave my first lesson in the studio. I have taught classes in my home just never in the studio. I was teaching Meri Elle to solider. It is a treat to watch an artist learning a new skill. She brought some wonderful images to capture behind glass. It will be a wonderful time seeing what she does with this new gained talent. It helped me as an artist teaching just how to help others move past hesitations and free them self to just DO. It was a wonderful time. We have already decided what her next class will be. Fine silver fusing. Yes, Meri Elle with a torch!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gold digger!!!

Yep. I went digging for gold in order to buy this table. My dear sweet guy was returning a video. I asked him to drop me off at the consignment store just behind the video store. He came inside an we walked around together. He found a Metal star for his study, and I found a shadow box with eggs. They were closing so we went to make our purchases. That is when this table caught my eye. It was one of those it must be mine kind of moments! We are saving are pennies for an up coming trip. I just looked at my dear sweetie. He reminds me that I have lots of gold jewelry that I never wear and gold prices are high right now! Yes, they are! So after a bit of gold digging the table was mine. Much better to have a table that I will enjoy every day, than gold sitting in a jewelry box!
Now I can work on the window treatment and lighting for over the table. I have had great luck finding vintage lighting at the Habitat Restore. It is close to work so I will be hanging out there at lunch time. Our Restore has a great little cafe and book store attached so it will make for a good hunt.
I got this glass dome for $3.00. The home owner said I wondered who the early bird would be who got this deal. It still had the $30.00 price tag on it. I added one of the glass door dobs from last week to make it look more like a cloche. Great, Right?

This nest has been hiding out in the rose arbor. I finally was brave enough to go in after it. I added some of my glass bead eggs and a pin and pearls that came home with me this weekend. Every nest has it jewels!

This was all free! Set out for the trash at a garage sale. As I was gathering it all I was thinking you could have sold this to ME! They are made of cedar and will hold shelving in my new studio.

This candle stick holder turned upside down make a wonderful pumpkin holder. I have plans to make it into a floor lamp once all the perfect pieces are collected. Do you hear that Mr. Handyman? A new project for you!

The coffee station progresses with the addition of the coffee cup tree. I think it needs some red paint.

I bought these adorable gloves when we were vacationing in Virgina. This hat was waiting for me at a garage sale this weekend. Oh, so very Breakfast at Tiffany!

I always seem to have a theme of what I find. Not of my selecting, just by chance. This weekend the theme seems to be turquose!

This box of treasures was just 3.00. The owner didn't seem to have any interest in the content........oh my!

Dear sweetie added two crosses to his wall. The two on the left. $ 1.00 each!

This wooden purse fasinated me, all tounge and grooved together. It had been purchased in Costa Rica. It will get a bit of a redo to hide the snap, the wood colors are deep and rich.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Showering her with ART.....

Sweet times three...three adoable little paintings that I have done for Emma's nursery. Her Pottery Barn Baby bedding as color inspiration, I will shower her with art...a great way to start don't you think?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I am painting again..

My soul aches to paint. We have lived in this home for 5 years. I have not had an easel in all those years. My husband had gifted me withan easel in California. Some how it did not make the cut when we moved to North Carolina. I have longed for an easel, but gave way to tools of a jeweler instead. I bought a small easel at an estate sale,from an artist. He used it in his travels. I saw it as a perfect fit for my limited space in my studio. My heart ponders after a much larger so it will be some day. I am painting three small 8x8 pictures for a friends nursery. She is a quite spirit and I am minding my Ps&Qs with choice of content. She is dressing the nursery in Pottery Barn gingham. So some sweet little letter blocks will fit right in. For me it is not the subject, it is the act of painting again that feeds my soul.
Here is a peak at what has begun

Here is a peak at where my artist brain can see why I might need a little reeling in. This is a mixed media piece that hangs in my studio. It was Halloween a few years ago. The woman pictures is someone I work with. I asked if I could shoot some pictures,she agreed. Of course I don't think she had any idea that I would drag her into the mechanics area for atmosphere! There really is no telling the lengths I will go to for the right shot....just no cliff hanging for this girl!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Looking out my bedroom window...

I meant to take a picture of the Fall display was a poem of color and warmth. This morning Dear storm Ida had brought a different verse and has striped me of that image.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

If I were...A Little Tea Pot


and oh so very smug, don't you think? Not a bad whistler either!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Junkin Beverly Hills style

Be sure to take a peak at all the Junkin Monday finds over at Nice and Easy Antiques.

This is the lovely fan I have been hunting for was in the house but minutes before dear hubby had it in the garage torn apart to see if he can get it running. This is not me complaining, I am very happy to have a HANDY man. It just would have been a better photo if it had been in one piece. The add for the sale stated that " I am an artist pack rat headed to Australia and all must go." in the list of items was listed an antique fan. Sale started at 8, we arrive just a few minutes early to find nothing set up...true to the artist spirit I thought. I share that I was here hoping to buy the fan. Out it came from the back seat of her car...$5.oo not sure if it works, wiring a bit scary ! OK, friends, this girl had on the most fabulous cowboy boots ever...I wanted to knock her down and take them...instead I bought the pair pictured on down the post...her aunt lives in Texas and sends her vintage boots...can you have her send me some???

Really, Beauty Can?...I guess that beauty is in the eye of the beholder...however I did buy this beauty.

I bought these 3 glass door knobs for a project. The centers are mercury glass. I was afraid of the price and when I heard $1.50 each, I wished there were more!

Here are the boots. The black ones with the oh so great stitching. They also are a taller boot which I love to wear with a dress. I paid $30.00...steal!

This fabric appears to have been a robe that has been cut apart. If I didn't know better I would say that it was stitched from silk slips.

Is that Christmas sneaking in? I liked that this candle light was of brass and not plastic.

And drum roll please....the buy of the weekend....bookshelf with beading and scallops for....more drum roll ...pause.....$15.00....Shut UP!

It was cold out ...but it went home in the Mustang, top down! Good thing I wore a down vest and wool hat!

and I just had to share this picture...hydrangeas in November in the South! Yes, out of my garden. I know, share in my surprise!