Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Time share-d

Back in June I shared the purchase of this lovely time piece in a post. I purchased the watch face at a bead show. Here it is in a finished piece.

Here is a close up of the beads that I made for this necklace. Don't you just adore the chunky pink chain?
It will have to be on display in the studio for a bit,waiting for spring...and believe be I am not in a hurry for spring! I will just have to get busy and put together a fall piece.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Junkin...what will $17.00 buy...

Love the Monday Junkin at Cottage Charm & Family Inspiration
How cute, right?

This woman had butterfly everything! I want to needle felt these into something.

I adore vintage children's clothes. I often will photograph children using my stash of wonders. How cute is the embroidery on this pinafore?

The scent that comes from inside this tin is heavenly...I think it had potpourri in it at one time.

This is the first time I have gotten advertising rulers. One has 13 inches. I collect wooden rulers and yard sticks.

My mom has my grandmother's copy of this cookbook and my sister has claimed it for her own. This copy is in better condition and cost only 5 bucks!

So all this for $17.00...not bad.

And filling the back seat of the Mustang was a 20 pound queen size feather bed that I bought for $10.00....Just right for those cool fall nights. My husband said we will soon need a ladder to climb into bed...I hope so!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nature jewels

While festooning the front door this morning I walked to the street to see how things were looking. Look what I found...nature festooning my garden!

Mother nature has taken a miss step...this Dogwood tree has its fall berry's and a spray of spring flowers...My husband saw it as we were pulling out of our driveway. I had to grab my camera to get a picture...good eye Babe! Now that is true Uncanny Festoon!
I hope you find yourself festooning for fall!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday at the market...

The local grown pumpkins arrived at the farmers market today...I want a truck load, my husband thinks we need one...oh he doesn't want to limit me to one...he would find me at the fair talking to one of the winners for the largest pumpkin EVER...I need to wait till next week any way. The car was full with estate sale finds...Monday Junkies stay tuned!
I want to take my paint brush to this one, adding pastel colors...not fall colors!


We are also shopping for a New old pick up...I thought this to new. We had an old 55 Chevy that was painted turquoise...it was a very sad day when we sold that truck... I want another 55, my husband wants 70's so we are still on the hunt. He finds one and takes me, I find one and take him so we will see????
Today at the farmers market an elderly gentleman stopped to talk to me about my convertible Mustang and how he had once driven one. It was to funny how his wife immediately rolled her eyes. I commented on her eye roll and she shared how she has heard the stories 100 times. They were so cute...married 52 years! Bless them. Let me tell you they were working that farmers market.
I met a new vendor who is going to be bring goat the 3rd week of Oct. I put my name on the list. I love goat tacos. He told me the neck chops would be the best, who knew. I also talked to him about his sheared pelts...he throws them away. Are you kidding me? He took my email and said he would allow me to come collect some in the spring...sure hope we have found a truck by then, if not the Mustang will become my truck!

Hope you are finding your fall this weekend...if not take some of mine!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Always ready to learn something new!

Look! you can see that hand going to town on that pumpkin!
My first needle felted pumpkin!

The Fabo Leslie Hamlin , doesn't that look like the shrunkin head from Beetlejuice? Check out her article in fall's Belle Armoire Jewelry

Ok, I can do this!

Last weekend while I was at Fat Cat Gallery, Leslie Hamlin was showing her work. Never one to rest, she would felt these cute pumpkins during slow times. She was so wonderful. she taught me the in's and outs of needle felting these cute little guys. So one down many more to go. I am also thinking of all the other applications...oh Joy stop and enjoy the moment!

Scary stuff!! Removing pictures from your hard drive...

A picture that I took at a friends NC mountain house...at the corn crib!!
An image for inspiration

An Iphone picture, a close up at the museum, ummm not allowed to do that!!!! Who me...

A favorite artist Kimberly Hodges

An inspiration for a gift I need to create.

And I do mean scary....last night I transferred most of my pictures from my computer to disc. Disc are the safest for me I have found (I lost a memory stick never to be seen again). Let me just tell you pushing that delete button was painful. I told my son" losing all the pictures would be like losing my wedding ring!" I have collected pictures...SHHHHHHH over 2000...and my computer was starting to cough!!!! It was red face and all. I had to give it a break. It was just so hard to hit that delete button ( mash that button for y'all southerners!) But alas my computer has a blue line instead of a red.... (I'm ready to die and you are going to lose all your pictures anyway)...kind of heavenly blue. You only have to lose your pictures once!!! to learn that lesson...been there done that. So above you see five of the saved images...a few pictures I took and a few that I have gathered for inspiration. Breathing better already, me and my computer...My son said that I would have another 2000 in no time...true true...is there a 12 step program for this????
Cheers Always
I click off this post and go to this post ...how perfect the world!

Monday, September 21, 2009

My favorite fall rose....Falstaff

I can remember the first time I saw this rose. It was pictured in Victoria Magazine. There was no mention of its name. I love the depth of the color. I tore out the picture and carried it with me everywhere. Unfolding my wrinkled image of a long sought after rose every time I thought the answer to its name could be told. Many answers came, none seemed right. This is a very hard color to capture. Even the David Austin Rose web page does not do this rose justice. I think the photo I took above is a true capture of the deep wine color. It does not read as red at all. It is the rose that I love best in my fall bouquets. Depending on our weather I sometimes will get a nice last blush of roses. As fall officially begins...I share this bouquet with you. I wish that you could enjoy the scent, it is that of old roses of days gone by.

The answer finally came when someone led me to the web site Just our Pictures-Roses. There I found the name of the rose of my hearts desire...Falstaff, a David Austin rose.
Come and see what great junk we found!!!
So here I am doing nothing...in one great rocking chair...Santa?????? do you hear me????
In this rocker is where I heard about an auction just down the street...Ok I guess that is where my junkin will be this weekend. The ladies rockin with me were sharing stories of their junkin at the estate sale they were at Friday. My ears perked up, Estate sale... well in further discussion it was an estate auction. All the smalls were loaded into boxes. I don't like this, as you have to hang around so long and then may not even win the bid. Let's just say I had pocket change and needed a roll of cash. I spotted a box that peaked my interest and may fit into my budget. As the auction progressed I see a auction worker going through MY box. She removes an item, I ask here why. She tells me that she wants to let the auctioneer know of its content...NOOOOOOOOO.... My box has now just been identified as a box of interest containing a gold high school ring and military items...hello those are Boy Scout items not military...the box gets walked around for all to see.
My box is up...I bid to 15.00 it goes to 70.00....I watch the man who won..I approach and ask.........will you sell me the items in the box that you have no interest in???? YES, $20.00...I have my treasures......

Does anyone remember this.....I know that it is slate and graphite..I never remembered them as a child..You???

A circle of small treasures.....Who remembers the bubble pipes. It sparked a memory for me. I saw that red cow head pipe marked JAPAN, I had forgotten all about using them instead of plastic. Ok, I am pretty sure I just let you know how old I am!!!

Many of these treasures will end up in jewelry that I make. Do you ever remember Pepsi colors to be yellow and red?

I am not sure about the one glass, small it's use I am not sure of????

I adore this child's fan...I will mold the impression and use it in jewelry...

There is my box among boxes just waiting...It is center front

Here it is at my feet after a good haggle! (does that make me a hag?)

Another successful Junkin Monday