Sunday, January 24, 2010

Morning light

I must say of all the days of the week that I like to rise out of bed is Sunday. I like to rise early...alone...quite...taking in the sights of the garden...the garden lights still a glow...a gentle rain...spirit mending wish for you today is that you find spirit mending quite.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Two post for the price of none!

1. cupcakes, 2. dream pillows, 3. scalloped fabric garland, 4. sweet treats, 5. red and white striped paper straws, 6. lanterns, 7. birds, 8. nest egg, 9. pom-pom, 10. rainbow cake, 11. vintage sheet quilt, 12. vintage sheet bag, 13. spring scarf, 14. Paper Floral Wreath-Spring Mix, 15. kusudama, 16. Button Ball

Something else that I have been on Flickr. I found some of the greatest blogs by finding pictures I if you want to brighten a cloudy days just follow the pictures...after clicking on the on the photostream...then the profile tab and there you should find a link to their #4 sweet treats will lead you to Sweet Jessie
just one of the blogs I found

Pick up line

I just can't help myself you think there is a support group out there to help people like me? Here is this weeks collection of items picked up from the ground. Now I do use some of them. The washer will be put to good use in a necklace. And copper, you can always use copper. The beads in that earring can be reused. See, I don't even need any help coming up with reuse ideas...Maybe I just need to give myself permission to gather away! Permission granted!!!! Geee that was easy.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

pretties to ponder ....

Happy visuals! As I am working on the visuals for my new studio. I find Flickr so helpful yet a bit over whelming! I want it all!!! and I know that I need to scale down my wants. I intend to have a whole wall dedicated as a doodle wall. I have already bought paint colors. I want to find a happy blend of bright and cheerful and vintage pastel. Can you see it here in this Flickr mosaic???


Sorry I had an error attaching the links to the Flickr photos. You can view them through Flicker at member Uncanny Festoon, just visit my favorites

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

vignette scaping

I came home to a cleared dinning room table. My son had some friends over and they decided to clear my dining room table putting everything on the floor of my husbands study. They were working on a project together.
Sunday morning with the house nice and quite I put things away. Then the gathering began. I have a lot of things gathered. The vignettes have begun....It is like indoor landscaping...vignette scaping


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's ok to hate me...I found the best dollar store EVER !!!!

I know it is not for everybody, however if you read my blog often, chances are you are hating me right about now. Junk heaven! Junk as far as the eye can see. And we r talking good junk...and YES, dollar junk....pinch me!!!
Nothing is go find the owner Don or drag it into the barn where he is keeping warm by the pot belly stove...really...i kid you not. Talk about to much to take in...We lasted about three hours. It was a chilly 27 degrees...that is nose drippen cold. I even took breaks by the pot belly, trying to recover the feeling in my feet!
This girl was in drawer heaven...two barns filled to the rafters. I left them for the next trip!

There was a laundry cart full of enameled items...I bought a lovely red piece that I will be growing tulips in...stay tuned....

Here are my dollar items a book from 1921 on cooking lessons. I will post some on it later.
Golden Thoughts for a dollar...less than a penny for each thought...A radio tube small enough to be added to a necklace in the making...
Two more yard sticks to add to the from a state that I did not yet have, a feed and garden store
This light fixture was laid out in that mass of junk...5.oo...Sweetie says it is very old cuz the wires are wrapped in cloth and there is no ground wire...he will fix that for you see that it is the
best dollar store ever. We will wait a bit till the weather warms before heading back for more...that is what I say now lets see how long I hold out.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Bitter sweet

. bittersweet vision, 2. Bittersweet, 3. Untitled, 4. Effects of time This is the wreath that I made from my Bittersweet.

As you can see or not see there is not a bit of beautiful orange Bittersweet flora on any of this wild wreath. And so is the reason it will be pulled from the yard. I collect my Bittersweet starter from a friends NC mountain cottage. I then was told for blooms I needed a male plant and I added another plant not knowing if it was male or female???? Well I must have guess right because the next year I had budding Bittersweet. It has been three years and each year I get less bloom and more WILD. It is an invasive plant but I thought worth controlling. Well I am thinking NOT!!!! So I gathered this wreath as my farewell to Bittersweet being gathered fro my yard. There is a very quaint mountain town Blowing Rock where a very dear lady sells bunches of Bittersweet....and what a great reason for a Sunday bitter sweet as it may be I say goodbye to my garden Bittersweet!