Saturday, August 22, 2009

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I photoshopped this and really adore the out come!

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Meet Blythe

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This little sweetie is the daughter of a friend of mine. She asked me to take her 6 month portraits. I have collected vintage children's clothing and vintage linens for years. I love that she wanted vintage style portraits. We were to meet at the park, however dear mother nature had other plans. The only spot that the rain poured down was the very spot we were to meet. I got on the phone to a friend near by an we went to her house to shoot. Thank you mother nature! No really! We got really great shots. She even had a vintage child's wicker chair that we used. ...ENJOY !

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Studio Maven

This is a button that I made...what will it go on????

I have locked myself away in the studio in prep for my up coming class. Here are a few of the beads that I have made. I just love going to the torch not knowing what will arrive at the end of a session. I am way to ADD to sit at the torch makingt the same bead over and over. So I usually have a wide selection of focal beads. I will sometimes work in the same colors for a while,but that is as close as it gets for me and a set of beads. It is fabo when I am putting together a piece of jewelry and need a bead I can make it on the spot! My big puzzle for the week is what to take with me. I would pack up the whole studio if it would fit in my bag. Last night I worked on a piece of felt to take with me.My brain just won't stop!!

Well, I am listening to huge claps of thunder outside,one just shook the house,so time to unplug!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday in the Neigborhood...

Stash in the trunk of the car

We intended to go to an estate sale however the GPS didn't recognize the address. So after getting my specaial order from the farmers market, ostrich liver and heart( I know it sounds gross). My weekly fresh made goats cheese and some white peaches we were off on a road trip around our home town. Above is a picture that I took of the treasure in the trunk. See the drawer! I told you I would buy more drawers! I put this in my studio and am using it for my felting supplies. The little spice jars are for my glass frits and enamels for my glass beads. I made lables out of my childhood World Books. I will take pictures latter. There were a lot of great finds this weekend.

Seed bins at Renfrow Hardware

The pictures above are of Renfrows hardware. It is are downtown hardware store. If you are looking for an odd part you always start at Renfrows. The local farmers still order all their seeds from Renfrows. I find it so quaint that they still sell seed in jars. In the winter you can still find peanuts boiling on the potbelly stove!

As we drove the back roads searching for tag sales we came upon these old building. They
were the Andrew Jackson Juvenile Detention center.
I will be at the torch a lot this week. I am preparing for my class at the end of this month at John C Campbell. I will post some pictures later this week of some of the beads that I have made to take with me. I hope to use some for trades!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Henna Doodle

Over the years I have had many henna tatoos on my hands. My son's girlfriend visited India this summer. She brought me some henna home. I decided that I would create my own tatoo. I did the first layer last night and here I took photos of tonights additions. I have already had several people ask me if I would do it for them. How fun!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ready to wear

I recently had this listed as a ready to wear! I love the little cake stand bead. This is the first time I have made this shape bead. I think that it will show up again, don't you?

I am off to gift the world with this little upcycled scrap of art work. The back reads ...Joy, a gift from a happy happy! The front reads live with flair. I painted it on a srap from a paper bag that a merchant was going to toss in the trash...I don't mind if it ends up in the trash after someone looks at the art and leaves a moment of joy on earth. If you read this post please take a moment to find your joy today. Now off to the movies with my boyfriend of 29 years!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Amelie's French Bakery

A Roast beef sandwhich with borsin cheese, a cup of carrot and leek soup
It is a take your shoes off and relax kind of place. You will find alcoves decorated in shabby french every where you look. There are game boards of all sort to encourage a long evening of frivolity!

A clever self portrait
A customer's reflection becomes a part of the portrait wall

More wonderful shabby

Next I will share the story of the lovely couple we met!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Amelie's a home for the heart!

How does one ever decide ???

Really, in Charllote?

That is a reflection of my dear hubby reading New Yorker and loving every minute of it!

Often when my husband and I will be out of town we will find a spot where the soul can just be at peace. A neighborhood spot. Where all walks of life will gather and share their passion over a cup of joe! Living in Charlotte for ten years there would be spot such as this rise and fall, never seeming to get a foot hold. Well I am happy to share those days are over! A few months ago after Femfeast we stopped by Amelie's. It is a french bakery, right there it is a hit! It is all dressed in shabby french, be still by heart. There is french pressed coffee served to you complete with press, pinch me please!!! Friday night we finally made it back to Amelie's, we brought are books, well I did . After much reminding my husband forgot his, poor thing got stuck reading the New Yorker, he was in heaven! We shared a cup of soup and had a sandwich each. The serving size leaves enough room that you may find yourself in front of the pastry display in complete ahh!
I will have pictures later this week about what we choose. Also later this week I will share with you the lovely couple that we met, Joe and Steph. We sat and talked for two I titled this post a home for the heart indeed. As the clock strikes 1, I must find my way into the studio to make some beads to take to Mary Hettmansperger's class that I will be taking the end of this month!

Au revoir