Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cotton Candy Skys

This morning as I was getting out of my car the pink of the sky caught my eye...the photographer in me would just not let me move mind you it was 14 degrees, I only had my Iphone camera, which will not work with gloved fingers! but I had to stop and capture this sky. What a lovely way to begin your day....
and if you wanted to add a little more Cotton Candy pink to your day how about this Goats Milk Honey Body Butter?
I'm thinking a hot bath to sooth frozen fingers, pink body butter and Raspberry marshmalows to finish out the day!

Sounds like Joy to me!

Joy....................all ways!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

When fashion comes before warmth...

I always seem to find a coat to buy every year. This year the coat of my dreams....was sold out before I found sad...until I found the next coat of my dreams....funny how it works out like that.

I found this dream coat on Etsy...Crows Cloth

And what a wonderful coat it is. It also helps me maintain my commitment to buy from the artist working day and night to support the dream of not working a 9-5 support job. Two dreams coming true.


Monday, November 15, 2010

I missed you boots!

The one great thing about get to rekindle friendships. This weekend I dugout my favorite gloves. While getting dressed today I found these boots tucked away in the closet. Thank you fall for bringing around old friends!

Joy....all ways

Monday, October 25, 2010

Still life

That really is dust on my camera! I noticed that I was not myself. Not quite able to put a finger on it. Was I a little depress that my son had left our home and the dynamics had changed. Yes, I'm sure a bit...but something else....what is it.....IT was a stuttering heart attack. I had a heart attack over a six day period. The only symptom was a bit of discomfort in the middle of my chest. When it wouldn't go away I was encourage to go to urgent care...and this is when my life took a spin! I was told that I was having a heart attack and rushed into surgery. I am now trying to get a bit of life back however the meds are knocking me for a loop. I feel blessed to be alive as family history has not been kind to our family. I was surprised as I have never been healthier than this time of my all you woman out there remember....we do not have the usual signs of a heart attention for those simple pains...better safe than not. Now I'm working on getting the meds changed so I don't feel like I'm dragging an anchor....soon to me my joyful self again!!!!


Monday, September 6, 2010

Life took me so far away....

Family day.....many tears of joy!
BoldLiberty in Charleston SC, on Liberty St.! What a place to chow down after 13 weeks of mess hall food! He ordered a peanut butter and banana sandwich at Justine's and I thought the waitress was going to go crazy...she sounded like his mother, with a need to feed! He ate his sandwich and then more off others plates and finished off with a peach and blueberry cobbler.

When he saw the Apple store we lost him...this kid eats,sleeps breathes technology, so imagine 13 weeks without it! We bought 2 Iphone 4 to make the next separation a bit easier.
Home and his girl in his arms, his Iphone fully charged and a movie on the computer, his heaven!
I must say I will miss the letter writing. It is quite a different thought process. It really makes you tune in to you day. I think I will find another service man to write to that needs encouragement. I know my son said so sincerely that it was the letters that kept him going.

I'm going to enjoy the 10 days he has home and then try to get back to has seem to slip to the rear of things to do,but has been very missed!

Joy.........................all ways!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Sunday unwinding....really!

I have
unwound 72 color strands so far and as you can see I have a way to go.....and THIS is the small bag!

I'm back! This is what 25 cents and four hours of watching the Food Network on a Sunday afternoon got me!

I just had to share daughter went with friends to the coast...and this is a text that I received from she knows her mother...first my husband was finding found objects for my assemblage art and now I have my daughter seeking out treasures as well. When she returns we are going to make her a GREEN lunch purse! No more crappy school food for a cool bag had to be in the deal...stay tuned and I will share!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

A new door opens

Sunday I came upon these two bags of threads...and really how could I not give up my pocket change for the contents of the bags knowing what I pay for just one DMC floss. 39 cents.

And then I come across this book! Now my embroidery knowledge is very basic, chain stitch, back stitch, french knot, blanket stitch. This book has stitches that I never heard of.

The book was brought over from England by a woman that made dolls and sewed their costumes. Her daughter Trish took me inside the house to see the dolls and they were beautiful. Their outfits appointed with finest of silks and handmade lace.

This winter I hope to find myself wrapped in a quilt, fireside, book at my side learning the Maltese Cross Filling stitch!

Joy.............................all ways!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

QuiteSunday morning in photos.....

Have yourself a lovely


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday in the studio

I finally have finished three projects that need to be finished. The old tool box got all girlie painted pink and sporting spots...
The little frame needed a paint job and a sweet image to make it take home ready for my antiques stall at The Depot at Gibson Mill in Concord NC.
This draw string backpack was upcycled with a vintage dollie and roses created from wool sweaters that I felted.

Yes dear sweet hubby I do use these for something...

I hope your weekend was grand...time just seems to be getting away from me lately...


Monday, July 26, 2010

My latest gift to myself

I love collecting unusual handmade books...I found this on Etsy...
Cindy, usefulbooks...if you want to treat yourself.

You just have to love the pages she added


Sunday, July 25, 2010

A guest in my own kitchen..

So I'm not the kind of gal that likes to spend long hours in the kitchen preparing family meals, baking bread or family treats. Lucky for my children I married a man who loves cookbooks of all kinds and is never afraid to explore regional cuisine. As a matter of fact for his retirement gift I signed him up for a class at Johnson and Wales. I'm not sure that it wasn't a family gift as we still are enjoying his to die for pizza.

so here is where the guest part comes in. My friend's mom makes the best bread and butter pickles.She had me over for a tutorial years ago. I found myself with an abundance of cucumbers,what to do? OK, finally I will get out the canning equipment she sent home with me, dust off the recipe and get cooking. While I am at it I might as well attack that abundance of tomatoes as well. It ended up very enjoyable. My daughter Ivy spent the time in the kitchen talking to me. She takes after her father and enjoys cooking.

It is magical when the cucumbers turn from cucs to pickles!
Blanched and ready to be skinned!
Herbs fresh picked from the garden...good thing I love to garden!
A nice hot bath....
fruits of my labor...
treats of my daughter's while we chit chatted in the kitchen I introduced to her a blog that I have been following more years than I can remember, Smitten Kitchen.When I started following her I barley knew what a blog was. It was her wit that caught my attention first, after all it is a cooking blog...remember the title of this post...a guest in my own kitchen! Well, dear daughter found herself engulfed in the recipes. She asked if I would buy her the ingredients to make the coconut milk fudge, and I agreed. She made the fudge and then went on to make yeast bread and banana bread. Glad we have two people in our home that like the is not that I don't like the kitchen....I just like to be a guest!

Joy..................................all ways!

PS the bread and butter recipe I followed happens to also be the one Deb of Smitten Kitchen has on her blog.