Monday, December 28, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things....when the

The song Favorite Things enters my mind when I step on the threshold of this shop! It is my toy store shall we say. I think that I could go without eating for weeks to save money to spend in this shop( OK, that might be a little much, however point well made). I have to quite my excitement to allow myself to take in all the wonderment. The shop.....Pairs Market, in Savannah GA.
I only brought in my Iphone so the pictures are not the best...but well enough to get you intrigued.

There is always a bit of let down as some items are props. Like a moth to a flame you can bet my eye is drawn right to those items. So they become ideas tucked into my breast pocket for my hunting trips! What an awesome paper press this was! How clever a little table it made.

This table lined in zinc looked as someone had to run an errand in the middle of their holiday baking.

What great cupcake displays these would make...I think I need a dozen!

Breast pocket idea....right??? How many times have you passes up spindles?

Me peaking with excitement, peeking in the window from street side. You see the little espresso and dessert bar. The day we were there they were giving out cones of cotton candy....I share mine with the corner cop who gave us hotel tips...we had not planned to spend the night... it being Savannah at holiday time...cotton candy was a cheap price to pay for that kind of tip!

Burlap, burlap, was all over...pillows, lampshades, table runners.

So if you should find yourself in Savannah be sure to visit one of my favorite shops...I will post some of my wonderful finds tomorrow.

Now if you are anything like me you will click on each picture to see every single detail of what is pictured!!! Oh LA LA!



  1. Oooo! I think that would be one of my favorite shops, too!

    It's funny you mention wanting the displays. I have a couple of customers who ALWAYS gravitate to the things I don't particularly want to sell. Kinda makes them mad and I can't blame them, so I do relent and sell some things.

  2. Joy, you always manage to find the best and most interesting places! Someone once said that if you are looking for beauty, you'll find beauty...I totally agree!!