Saturday, February 13, 2010

It is snowimg glitter!

This is the best shot i could get considering that I could not lift my camera due to my broken right arm. If you will click on the photo to enlarge it you will see the glitter effect a bit more.

Let me also share a peek of where I was headed before the big fall...I am trying to make beads that feel the age of time. By wrapping the hot glass in silver foil and burning it off in the torch you get a fuming of silver. I also was working with a baking soda wash while the beads are hot to get a texture of age....I want my beads to fit in with the vintage findings that I use. Once healed I will continue this exploration...

Looking out the front widow I would swear that Martha must be perched on clouds above dusting my world with glitter!! The light breeze is gathering spays of snowflakes and swirling them in the morning is like living in a snow globe full of glitter. I would so love to have photos to show....but this morning I discovered that I can not raise my camera to my eye. The pictures I share today were taken in the safety of my home, camera perched chest high.
It was so pleasant to watch the open of the Winter Olympics as snow fell outside...growing up in Southern California this is never something I thought I would experience. I am still waiting for the white Christmas....



  1. Nice to know you are feeling better, Joy. You sound inspired by the snow...good for you! To be honest, I can't even think about living in a cold place. I'm already sick of the cold weather here in So Cali, can you believe it? I'm in desperate need of Spring o even better: summer. Take care and rest!

  2. Those bead look incredible. Can't wait to see how it transforms once you're back in action.