Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Penland straight from the camera

I am working in Circus color as Elizabeth in our class has tagged these colors. With the overcast outside it is a warming palette to be working in. The beads pictured are by first treasures from the kiln.

Soldiers of color standing at ready!

OK bloggie friends, I had to risk life and limb to find internet connect to catch you up. I am at Penland School of Craft up in the Blue Ridge of North Carolina. I will be working at the torch for a solid week....heaven! There are 11 of us here playing on the torch. No class...all play. And of course, all woman chatting, all day. We show up around 8ish and break at 6:30 for dinner, and then back on the torch until we drop. Everyone brought something to share for dinner...so no meal planning needed. Today mostly pictures...and let me tell you there is so much eye candy her for the photographer in me it is hard to contain myself...well I leave you wanting more. I am off to torch some more glass....more tomorrow!!! That is if the weather allows me to get down the hill to the print studio....sans sled!!!!



  1. Hey Joy, it sounds like you're all fired up! LOL! Have lots of fun and post pictures soon!

  2. Oh my I'm jealous. I don't do lamp work (isn't that what it's called?) but have sat and watched for long periods of time at demonstrations. It must be so satisfying. Looking forward to seeing what you bring back!

  3. That sounds sooo fun! Are you enjoying all the snow? I'm in Raleigh & it's just starting to melt! Loving all your eye candy! The colorful beads make me smile :)