Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Do you remember when?

My 15 year old daughter, Ivy, came home with this in her arms. "Mom." she said. "You would be so proud of me! I dug this out of the trash. It was left at the home her friend had moved into that weekend. Weird that you would be smiling over knowing that your daughter dug through the trash.....but oh so cool, right! Do you remember when one of your sweet children came home with their first junkin story?

It appears to be an old popcorn popper.
How cool is the the glass cover!

and it works!!! Now for the sad part of the story....there was more...old cooking stuff she called it. She described old muffin pans, iron cornbread pans...and on. Still in no shape to be junkin of any kind...I tried to talk dear hubby into hunting for me... no way...it is about to snow and I am not going through bags of trash with a flash light...no amount of pout would work... not even saying I would do it myself...still not driving...and little hope he would drive me...so my friends...imagine what went off to our landfill today....

Friday's visit to the doctor revealed that the break to my arm is much worse than we first knew. It is a triple break...still in much pain...only good thing is the pain sure keeps me from over doing...it just hurts way to much!!!



  1. Joy...you created a monster!! LOL!!! at least a monster you can be proud of!!!!

    Sorry to hear it's taking longer for the arm to heal. I hope it stops hurting soon!!

  2. Oh, I'm sorry and happy for you. Happy, your daughter is following in your footsteps but sorry you are in such pain. Both physical and emotional-first your arm and then you were unable to retrieve the treasures--emotional agony!

  3. my girlfriend found one of these percolators and uses it all the time. Love that!
    Nice blog.

  4. i must be old, because that's exactly the popcorn popper that we had in my childhood !! my dad used to be the 'maker' in our house and we loved our old popper... !!! thanks..you brought back a great memory !!!
    (and it is awesome that your daughter 'picked' it !