Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Spring day auction

What a lovely beginning to Spring! This morning I talked my dear sweet hubby into taking me to an auction on the other side of town. I really wasn't looking to buy much. I was more interested in getting out of the house. I also wanted to visit this auction to see how they operated and what prices were like. I only had pocket money, so no harm could be done. No chance of me going crazy over a piece of furniture or anything like that. I did fall for this tattered and water stained hat box. It is cover in the most wonderful vintage wall paper. It didn't hurt that it was overflowing with an array of vintage hats! Dear hubby also spotted a vintage trouble light for my studio and the auctioneer was so kind as to add it to the lot of hats....double bonus. Because it was late and only a handful of bidders left, they also threw in a lot of mismatched winning bid was a whopping $ 13.00. Great way for a gal to start off her Spring season!

I hope that you found yourself out greeting Spring in the most wonderful of ways!



  1. I'd say you scored, big time. Happy Spring!!!

  2. Lovely hats and box! You know I've seen those trouble lights out and about and I bet it will look great in your studio. I'm heading to an auction tomorrow. There's not much there (I previewed) but a few odds and ends that I thought I'd stop in for.

  3. I can see why you fell for those treasures...divine! Cheers to a great beginning!

  4. What booty!!!!
    Those hatboxes are gorgeous!
    Happy Spring, sweets!

  5. It's been awhile since I have been visiting blogs. Sorry to hear of your broken arm and hope it is on a fast track to mending! Congratulations on your auction winnings! I love staying at auctions until the end. Usually good deals to be found!

  6. Hello -
    I am new to your beautiful blog - but I just wanted to you to know that you have an amazing talent for blogging. Your photos are lovely - totally beautiful! You really have a great sense of style and it shows in the stories that you share with us all.

    Thank you for what you do to make your blog so very special. I have really enjoyed being here--