Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm in the Garden!! Come join me....

Welcome to my is my true love....doing what I love....planting my oh so many plants!!!! How lucky I am...and how I know it....there is nothing fun about planting in the clay soils of the Carolina's.
I have spent the last two weekends in the front garden. We have lived in this home for 5 years...this garden is not even close to the garden I left in California. I have had a difficult time finding local growers with offerings that I am accustom to. I was a frequent shopper at Heard's Garden, where the dear sweet Mary Lou would coach me into trying something new....For those of you in the OC, her memorial garden tour is May 1 &2 2010. How I would love to go. I get chill bumps just thinking of the days spent with Mary Lou.

Here is my view under the Dogwood...taking a much needed breather....last weekend we were dealing with record highs in the 80's..this last weekend we were in the 60's...what a contrast!

So how cute is this lady bug docking station for my garden appropriate!

I have waited years for my Lilac's to bloom....worth the wait,but I want MORE!!!

Some garden booty from the herb fair in Concord this weekend. A new trial for the garden this year is Mexican Tarragon, quite the bite! Here is a short list of what will be planted. Sweet Basil, Cinnamon Basil, Mexican Oregano, Lemon thyme, and Lemon Verbena, Chocolate mint, Bay, Tansy, Fever few, Sweet Annie...this one I know I will most likely regret as it can be a pest, but I love the scented wreaths that can be made from it. I like to carry a few twigs in my pockets just to smell.

Heart petal from the Dogwood tree.

No gloves for this gardener!!!

For all you Ipone users...If you dont have the App Hipstmatic...go get it!!!! All of the following pictures where taken with that app on my Iphone....Snowballs and the first garden rose of Spring 2010....enjoy!



  1. Oh Joy, I'm so glad your arm is letting you do some planting. Maybe this is the best therapy! I plant an herb garden every year (last year it was just a big pot out my back door but honestly, anyone who hasn't planted one just doesn't know what they are missing do they? I love to just touch, rub, and smell them. (and sometimes actually use them!) I'm not sure I know about Sweet Annie though...I will check it out.

  2. I forgot...what is that wonderful garden sculpture with the twisty tine forks?!

  3. It sounds like you are feeling better joy!...or are you just putting up with the pain? In any case, I bet gardening will make your soul at least, feel like new!