Friday, April 9, 2010

Mother nature gives us Marbled end pages

As I was leaving work yesterday I walked by this wonder. I know most would not have, I stopped took out my camera and now have mother nature end pages for my hand bound books! This is a rain puddle marbled with birch pollen. It has been in the News that we are having record breaking pollen counts. This morning's News showed are part of the state in the red zone!!! There are plenty of people if I can find some good in the nice!!!

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  1. Love that pic! Great way to find something lovely in this yellow dust covered world :)

  2. That is really incredible. I though you were going to say it was the end of a head of purple cabbage! I'd really like to hear and see more of these hand bound books you speak of....

  3. What a fantastic shot!!!!! It almost made me forget my allergies!!