Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shhh.......I am not suppose to be here!!!

My dear sweetie has seen to it that I rest, rest, and more rest. I have been having major issues with the nerve in my arm. I was told to put it back in the sling and rest the arm....So no playing for me for a few I must get off here before he returns from the market!!! Keep me in your prayers...I need to be junkin and crafting and gardening!!! Rest is not in my game plan!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Spring day auction

What a lovely beginning to Spring! This morning I talked my dear sweet hubby into taking me to an auction on the other side of town. I really wasn't looking to buy much. I was more interested in getting out of the house. I also wanted to visit this auction to see how they operated and what prices were like. I only had pocket money, so no harm could be done. No chance of me going crazy over a piece of furniture or anything like that. I did fall for this tattered and water stained hat box. It is cover in the most wonderful vintage wall paper. It didn't hurt that it was overflowing with an array of vintage hats! Dear hubby also spotted a vintage trouble light for my studio and the auctioneer was so kind as to add it to the lot of hats....double bonus. Because it was late and only a handful of bidders left, they also threw in a lot of mismatched winning bid was a whopping $ 13.00. Great way for a gal to start off her Spring season!

I hope that you found yourself out greeting Spring in the most wonderful of ways!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

My latest collection...I candy...really!

I told you it was eye candy! It started with blog surfing! Sorry to say I don't recall the blog. It seems that has been keeping be company during my down time. So, to mass this collection of candy jars, I rummaged through the house, visited a local consignment store, and made two visits to the new antique mall. There were also some pretty candy shopping in there somewhere!
The collection will move into the new studio, once completed. I have the most wonderful shelf held up in the garage, the perfect home it will make for this collection.
These marshmallow hearts were the first pretty candy purchased, from Dollar General of all places. If any candy is going to disappear it will be these...the culprit...dear sweet hubby... he is a marshmallow crazy man.
The candy jar with the strawberry Whoppers is a candlestick that I combined with a small candy jar. I used Diamond Glaze... the same product used to fill bezels. I love the combination and the footing it adds.
The empty jar awaits the perfect pretty candy. Not sure what it will be...any ideas to share? Some of these trips were rewards for the pain of physical therapy...or so I told my hubby. It is hard to sneak out and shop when you're under no driving restrictions!!!! I keep measuring my progress by how close I can get to the steering wheel!!!

While out visiting the newest antique mall The Depot in Concord NC. I added my name to the waiting list. I think once you have been bitten by that bug it is hard to shake it... I will do a future post on the mall. It is in a old fabric mill run by Cannon...they made gingham in this plant...great brick building, wonderful wood floors and best of all $1.00 a square foot, how crazy is that?


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Do you remember when?

My 15 year old daughter, Ivy, came home with this in her arms. "Mom." she said. "You would be so proud of me! I dug this out of the trash. It was left at the home her friend had moved into that weekend. Weird that you would be smiling over knowing that your daughter dug through the trash.....but oh so cool, right! Do you remember when one of your sweet children came home with their first junkin story?

It appears to be an old popcorn popper.
How cool is the the glass cover!

and it works!!! Now for the sad part of the story....there was more...old cooking stuff she called it. She described old muffin pans, iron cornbread pans...and on. Still in no shape to be junkin of any kind...I tried to talk dear hubby into hunting for me... no is about to snow and I am not going through bags of trash with a flash amount of pout would work... not even saying I would do it myself...still not driving...and little hope he would drive my friends...imagine what went off to our landfill today....

Friday's visit to the doctor revealed that the break to my arm is much worse than we first knew. It is a triple break...still in much pain...only good thing is the pain sure keeps me from over just hurts way to much!!!