Monday, February 14, 2011

Remember when....

I loved making collection boxes from a shoe box and tissue paper wrapped around the end of a pencil dapped in would place the box on your school desk and classmates would come by and drop Valentiens into the box. stow away in a corrner to open each card to see who favored you so sweet......
Will you be my Valentine?


  1. Yes, so many great memories! Today I received two wonderful Valentine cards. One a vintage one from the early 1900's and the other a beautiful homemade treasure. Happy Valentine's Day! Kit

  2. I do remember because I'm still making them! Ha! My 11 year old needed to make her box at home this year and she could have family help. I wanted to run with this so badly but let her guide it with my input. We made a cute "messenger bag" out of a box and decorated with hearts of course. You know the valentines with the sentiments always stressed me out. So, my kids just put in candy with the "from" filled out not the "to".