Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday chores...Work on ROD journal

So I started this Remains of the Day journal back in Oct. or maybe even further back. Then life interrupted. I'm trying so hard to get back to pre-heart-attack mode. So my Sunday chore (using the word chore, lightly of course)was to stitch in at least one signature into my journal.

here are a few pages. I hope to add some of my photos to my journal. This means they have to come out of the camera and on to paper. That will be a good thing. I just notice on my Iphone I have over 1000 pictures. They are safely uploaded to Picasa, I already learned that lesson!

This one has a cute little pocket

another little see through pocket. I must say creating this journal sure makes you look at trash a little different. Now I am off to finish three more signatures for my journal. A little 60's and 70's on the record player!

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  1. I'm loving it Joy! I really need to get at mine. I know it will be one the most delightful things I'll scrappy! Funny story: my oldest daughter was "festooning" letters for her little sisters for Christmas. She pulls out a piece of paper I got from the inside of one of stampingtons publications. This is my inspiration she says. It's a collage paper. After she's been working on the project looking for bits and such to collage on the letters, I looked closer at her inspiration and said that looks really familiar. I went to the box that you sent me of scraps and paper and pulled out the exact same wallpaper as was in the collage paper! Then later, when she was focusing on a different color of it, I looked again and thought hey! that's familiar too. Went back to your box again and pulled out another scrap that matched another part of the collage. The artist that did the collage sheet (can't remember her name) is the same one also that you sent postcards from. I deduce that at some time you did a swap of some sort with her too! Fun, huh?!

  2. I think the's s small wold...fits here. The artist is Pam Garrison. She inspires me all the time! She is the inspiration for my cover. I did not do a swap with her, however....I did her a favor when she did a workshop in my town and had to mail things home to California. I took boxes of supplies home pack them in one price boxes and sent them on there way. The dear thing sent me tons of goodies. I must say your daughter has very good taste! Pam sells papers and such on It is a good place to drool and bust purse strings!
    Can't wait to see your ROD journal. I think iy may have to wait until after the wedding.