Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh sweet lemonaid, as the saying goes

My dear sweet Ivy had her permit for three days when her dad had to call and tell me he had some lemons to deliver my way!!! She was more crushed than the car. I tried to put her at ease with the whole "no one got hurt! It can all be repaired. I'm not mad." she was very hard to console.
So when we went to talk Marc at the repair shop I told him I had a strange question for him. He perked up! He said I love strange questions. I told him of this file cabinet that I had in the most boring office beige. Could he , would he, spray it white while he had my car into be sprayed? Yes, he said YES! and so I now have this 30 drawer, Mustang white, cabinet! I added a touch of vintage wallpaper and maps to bring it some life!
That makes the drawer count...121.. in the studio....but who is counting? My husband, that's who!
Here is just a bit of eye candy from my camera this last weekend.....

Joy.......................all ways


  1. Ouch - for the Mustang. But love the painted file cabinets! What a great idea. I have two boring black file me some inspiration!

  2. Oh... I love this!!! I think I'm drooling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of those drawers - all of the possibilities!!!

    Ah... the wonderful driving experience....
    I shudder - mine goes on his own in 1 week.

    ;-D robelyn