Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wandering an abandon garden

We live in a small town outside of Charlotte NC. Our small down town has it's original hardware store. The last of the original owners just passed away. He owned a beautiful home in the town. In his will he insisted that it be burnt down or bulldozed! It was bulldozed this week, to the sadness of many towns people. We went by the grounds Friday to have a look. We found that there is a beautiful garden that is also going to torn out to make room for condos. It has three Lilacs in bloom! I have two Lilacs that I have been nursing for years and only one bloom! I want to rescue these abandon Lilacs but dear hubby says know. I may go rescue some Tulips and Jonquils though! SHHH. So I brought some Lilacs home and did a photo shoot in fond memory of the lost to progress Lilacs.



  1. Oh how sad! I hate the thought of a home being torn down when it can still be lived in. Love the photos. Kit

  2. Now, that is an odd request by a home owner isn't it? Sad, but I guess even our desire to keep the old is still rooted in the "material" things of life. I'm glad you got some lilacs. Can't wait for ours to bloom. They make me so happy!

  3. Dear Joy,
    Oh my goodness! Rescue those lilacs! This sounds so sad and all in the name of so-called progress. Why would he want his home burned or bull-dozed? That seems like an odd request. I am so glad that you took some flowers and your photos are beautiful.
    BTW, I love your blog heading. I am still learning how to personalize mine.

  4. This sounds really sad! I LOVE the smell of lilacs and I agree with Rebecca, rescue them!

    Thanks for posting my link on your blogroll! I’ve added your blog to my sidebar as well!

    Have a lovely day!