Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's a start...

Here is the aisle that you will find my space at The Depot in Concord NC


Here I made lemonade out of lemons...iron post in my way.....vintage images made into floral magnets!!!!

My husband put this shef unit together for me. reclaimed wood, and some shoe drying racks from a hotel. Clever, clever...now to just get it filled!

Here is the beginning of my new endeavor....wow do I need to go on a buying trip or what?

I love this place. It is called The Depot. It is a Cannon fabric mill that closed in winter of 2003 and was purchased by and investment firm to keep the buildings intact. The antique mall opened Febuary. I must say that I am excited to be back in the bizzzzzzz......


  1. So, you're back at it?! Great! It is such fun. The booth looks like it's off to a great beginning!

  2. It looks like a great place to shop...too bad it's far away for us!!!

  3. Oh - this looks like a wonderful and fun place to be! I love your little space - you will have it filled in no time. Good luck with your little venture - you will have a great success I am betting!