Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Look what is finally coming home!!

My Singer Featherweight.....oh yeah....finally!!! When we moved here from California there was not a stitch of room left to tuck one item. It is beyond me How this got left behind. I have thought so many times of items that made on earth did I bring roses dug from the garden and not my Singer Featherweight. I didn't even have a yard to put the roses in. I guess that just shows the stress you are under when moving across the country. I could not even imagine the difficulty that woman of wagon train days went through to pick and choose well loved items. This well loved item was at least hunkered down in the rafters of my step son's garage. I have been kneading my husband for years to get it here....This year for Mother's day I told him he gets me my Singer or he buys me a new OLD one!!!! He knew the replacement price, I was very vocal about what it would cost him through the years. I guess he knew I was serious this year. The phone call came yesterday along with this picture. It will be on it's way home tomorrow. Poor thing needs some TLC...but I am sure it will be purring away in no time. I just keep telling my husband how happy I know a replacement would just never be the same....lucky girl am I.

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  1. Even though I haven't used it in a while (although I'm getting ready to start a little quilt for Max), I'd really miss my Featherweight if I didn't have it. I mean, I just like looking at the thing sitting on the end of the worktable in my studio - it's a work of art (never mind that it's a great sewing machine). Glad to hear yours is finding its way back to you! Also - congrats on your new dealer space - hope it all goes well for you, it looks like it's off to a good start.