Sunday, August 2, 2009

Amelie's a home for the heart!

How does one ever decide ???

Really, in Charllote?

That is a reflection of my dear hubby reading New Yorker and loving every minute of it!

Often when my husband and I will be out of town we will find a spot where the soul can just be at peace. A neighborhood spot. Where all walks of life will gather and share their passion over a cup of joe! Living in Charlotte for ten years there would be spot such as this rise and fall, never seeming to get a foot hold. Well I am happy to share those days are over! A few months ago after Femfeast we stopped by Amelie's. It is a french bakery, right there it is a hit! It is all dressed in shabby french, be still by heart. There is french pressed coffee served to you complete with press, pinch me please!!! Friday night we finally made it back to Amelie's, we brought are books, well I did . After much reminding my husband forgot his, poor thing got stuck reading the New Yorker, he was in heaven! We shared a cup of soup and had a sandwich each. The serving size leaves enough room that you may find yourself in front of the pastry display in complete ahh!
I will have pictures later this week about what we choose. Also later this week I will share with you the lovely couple that we met, Joe and Steph. We sat and talked for two I titled this post a home for the heart indeed. As the clock strikes 1, I must find my way into the studio to make some beads to take to Mary Hettmansperger's class that I will be taking the end of this month!

Au revoir


  1. What a lovely place you have found...home for the heart,soul and mind it seems.
    Best wishes
    Magdalena at Color Sepia

  2. If you take one of each, there is not need to pick...YUMMMMMM!!!!!

  3. This sounds delightful! I can see myself spending some serious time here!! Thanks for a delicious post!
    Laura :)

  4. Joy, Joy, Joy

    A sweet woman with a sweeter "soul"...Joe and I were the lucky ones to have met you and Marvin on July 31st our 38th Anniversay....Now we will remember this date for two things;our anniversay and the day that we met the two of you.
    We look forward to seeing you guys up at Amelie's to share more stories and the "Joy" of just being....Till then, I wish you peace.
    Stef and Joe
    P.S. This blog is amazing....I am a real dinosaur when it comes to this "tech" stuff