Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ready to wear

I recently had this listed as a ready to wear! I love the little cake stand bead. This is the first time I have made this shape bead. I think that it will show up again, don't you?

I am off to gift the world with this little upcycled scrap of art work. The back reads ...Joy, a gift from a happy happy! The front reads live with flair. I painted it on a srap from a paper bag that a merchant was going to toss in the trash...I don't mind if it ends up in the trash after someone looks at the art and leaves a moment of joy on earth. If you read this post please take a moment to find your joy today. Now off to the movies with my boyfriend of 29 years!


  1. I am overwhelmed by your creativity! Thank you for providing such amazing inspiration!


  2. GORGEOUS necklace and your painting on the paper bag is spectacular! You are one very talented and creative lady!

    Have fun at the movies...29 years...wowza!!!