Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday in the Neigborhood...

Stash in the trunk of the car

We intended to go to an estate sale however the GPS didn't recognize the address. So after getting my specaial order from the farmers market, ostrich liver and heart( I know it sounds gross). My weekly fresh made goats cheese and some white peaches we were off on a road trip around our home town. Above is a picture that I took of the treasure in the trunk. See the drawer! I told you I would buy more drawers! I put this in my studio and am using it for my felting supplies. The little spice jars are for my glass frits and enamels for my glass beads. I made lables out of my childhood World Books. I will take pictures latter. There were a lot of great finds this weekend.

Seed bins at Renfrow Hardware

The pictures above are of Renfrows hardware. It is are downtown hardware store. If you are looking for an odd part you always start at Renfrows. The local farmers still order all their seeds from Renfrows. I find it so quaint that they still sell seed in jars. In the winter you can still find peanuts boiling on the potbelly stove!

As we drove the back roads searching for tag sales we came upon these old building. They
were the Andrew Jackson Juvenile Detention center.
I will be at the torch a lot this week. I am preparing for my class at the end of this month at John C Campbell. I will post some pictures later this week of some of the beads that I have made to take with me. I hope to use some for trades!

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