Thursday, August 20, 2009

Studio Maven

This is a button that I made...what will it go on????

I have locked myself away in the studio in prep for my up coming class. Here are a few of the beads that I have made. I just love going to the torch not knowing what will arrive at the end of a session. I am way to ADD to sit at the torch makingt the same bead over and over. So I usually have a wide selection of focal beads. I will sometimes work in the same colors for a while,but that is as close as it gets for me and a set of beads. It is fabo when I am putting together a piece of jewelry and need a bead I can make it on the spot! My big puzzle for the week is what to take with me. I would pack up the whole studio if it would fit in my bag. Last night I worked on a piece of felt to take with me.My brain just won't stop!!

Well, I am listening to huge claps of thunder outside,one just shook the house,so time to unplug!

1 comment:

  1. Those beads are little pieces of art all on their own...congratulations!
    The colors are incredible and the button magical!