Friday, January 1, 2010

Bitter sweet

. bittersweet vision, 2. Bittersweet, 3. Untitled, 4. Effects of time This is the wreath that I made from my Bittersweet.

As you can see or not see there is not a bit of beautiful orange Bittersweet flora on any of this wild wreath. And so is the reason it will be pulled from the yard. I collect my Bittersweet starter from a friends NC mountain cottage. I then was told for blooms I needed a male plant and I added another plant not knowing if it was male or female???? Well I must have guess right because the next year I had budding Bittersweet. It has been three years and each year I get less bloom and more WILD. It is an invasive plant but I thought worth controlling. Well I am thinking NOT!!!! So I gathered this wreath as my farewell to Bittersweet being gathered fro my yard. There is a very quaint mountain town Blowing Rock where a very dear lady sells bunches of Bittersweet....and what a great reason for a Sunday bitter sweet as it may be I say goodbye to my garden Bittersweet!



  1. We planted 3 bushes about 12 years ago and finally got some blooms just this year but not many. I'll leave it for now because we have lots of room for it to roam but I certainly had bigger dreams for it by now.

  2. Well Joy, at least you got a beautiful wreath from your gardening experiment..that's more that I will ever going to get with my gardening un-abbilities!!! LOL!