Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's ok to hate me...I found the best dollar store EVER !!!!

I know it is not for everybody, however if you read my blog often, chances are you are hating me right about now. Junk heaven! Junk as far as the eye can see. And we r talking good junk...and YES, dollar junk....pinch me!!!
Nothing is priced...you go find the owner Don or drag it into the barn where he is keeping warm by the pot belly stove...really...i kid you not. Talk about to much to take in...We lasted about three hours. It was a chilly 27 degrees...that is nose drippen cold. I even took breaks by the pot belly, trying to recover the feeling in my feet!
This girl was in drawer heaven...two barns filled to the rafters. I left them for the next trip!

There was a laundry cart full of enameled items...I bought a lovely red piece that I will be growing tulips in...stay tuned....

Here are my dollar items a book from 1921 on cooking lessons. I will post some on it later.
Golden Thoughts for a dollar...less than a penny for each thought...A radio tube small enough to be added to a necklace in the making...
Two more yard sticks to add to the bunch...one from a state that I did not yet have, a feed and garden store
This light fixture was laid out in that mass of junk...5.oo...Sweetie says it is very old cuz the wires are wrapped in cloth and there is no ground wire...he will fix that for me..so you see that it is the
best dollar store ever. We will wait a bit till the weather warms before heading back for more...that is what I say now lets see how long I hold out.



  1. OMG!!!!
    That's my kinda mess! Tell me, did you root and dig through all of that to find any treasures??? (usually, they're at the bottom!) LOL
    Happy New Year!

  2. That would of been soooo much fun ! I am jealous ! But enjoyed looking at all of the photos !A lot of wonderful finds !
    The Little Things

  3. That place looks like the most fun ever. I'd L-O-V-E rummaging through all that stuff (but probably not in the cold). If you weren't so far away, I'd hop in the car and say, "Joy, let's go junkin'!"

    Sorry to hear that you are having the flood thing too. But on the bright side, we both love to redecorate so we get to do makeovers. :-)

  4. Yeap...we "hate" you!!!! We want to go there!!!!!

  5. I hate the cold but I'd go out below zero for that too! I'm dying here for a little junk adventure. Kids just got let out of school early because it's snowing again--and cold!

  6. Oh! Oh! I'm hyperventilating! Wow! Oh, my! Yes, I'm jealous. There used to be a place not so far from me called Gene's Dig In. It looked similar. But sometimes he came up with prices a bit to high.

    I'm having a vintage Valentine giveaway over on my blog this month. Stop by when you get a chance.

  7. Wow! I just found your blog and I love ya already! I would flip if I found a place like that! How fun to dig through all that wonderful junk! Great finds!

  8. I am soooo jealous! Wish I could pick through all of that stuff!!!!!!