Thursday, January 14, 2010

pretties to ponder ....

Happy visuals! As I am working on the visuals for my new studio. I find Flickr so helpful yet a bit over whelming! I want it all!!! and I know that I need to scale down my wants. I intend to have a whole wall dedicated as a doodle wall. I have already bought paint colors. I want to find a happy blend of bright and cheerful and vintage pastel. Can you see it here in this Flickr mosaic???


Sorry I had an error attaching the links to the Flickr photos. You can view them through Flicker at member Uncanny Festoon, just visit my favorites


  1. I just want that blue framed mirror...that's it...and I'll be happy!

  2. ooh, that's a pretty collection. Thanks for linking up, I'm so relieved it worked! How did you make your grid of pictures?

  3. Love all your pictures! Lezlee