Saturday, June 5, 2010

I came down to fix breakfast...

Mr. Uncanny should be delighted that it takes so long for pictures to is the breakfast I made him while pictures loaded...pork chorizo,onion,grilled tomatoes,and Mexican tarragon blossoms...
Mr. sunshine caught my eye as I headed down stairs....and well you A.D.D. took over,the camera was on the kitchen table and festooning was all abound in the garden.
Paul Neyron rose

This should be in Sundays breakfast! Cherokee purple tomato....huge!

This is where I would like to spend my weekend,,,,instead I will be scraping ceilings in the new studio!!!

Popcorn Hydrangea

Hydrangea alley

It always thrills me when one Hydrangea head has so many colors.

Joy........................................all ways


  1. Would you like to come over and fix some breakfast for us????? We would love you forever...!!!

  2. I'll take my breakfast to go please! You're quite the chef!

  3. Your garden photos are simply stunning - such beauty that you have around you. Can I just say that your breakfast photos are also wonderful - makes me want that for sure! I always, always, have such a wonderful visit when I spend time here at your beautiful blog!