Friday, June 4, 2010

Sometimes it is hard to let go...

So here are some recent photos from my antique space at The Depot @ McGill Mill. If you know anything about me you know that I am a freak for drawers. I can never have enough drawers! So how in the world am I able to sell this lovely set of drawers? The world must be slightly off tilt...that is all I can say....

I was badly in need of wall space. Mr. Uncanny found this wonderful door for me. Weighs a ton...but what a wall!!! I can even use both sides. Here is it's first display.

Summer time and the livin is many of you grew up reaching into the red Coleman ice chest to cool off with a cold soda....or is it soda pop ???Remember the red mustache from the strawberry soda? I can remember camp outs with Colman jugs filled with Kool aid...thanks mom! ( for a way cool purple mustache Drink...Groovy Grape!)

I want this blanket...please don't make me sell it...I will never find another.....OK..I will sell it...I know I can't keep everything....but you can be sure if I had a young child in our home this would so be on their bed! I wish I was a young child and had it on my bed....
Thanks for taking a peak.....I am scraping ceilings in the new studio this times!!!
Joy...............all ways


  1. Please tell me how you have that door standing?! I'm going to put old ones in my garden and can pound posts to hold them, but how do you do it inside? Those drawers are wonderful, if I was closer, I'd be soooooo tempted to snatch them out of your booth!

  2. Don't you feel sometimes like we are pimping our goodies????? We love them so much but it always comes down to the "Show me the money!!!"...LOL!!!!