Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where this blogger creates

Thanks for coming by...and a big thank you to Karen Valentine at MyDesert Cottage for hosting this bash.
Let me start out by saying it is bitter sweet that I have spent the last 16 days moving my studio into its current location...the room belonged to my son who is in his 18th day of Marine boot camp. Yes, I am counting the days until we see him again...his first move from you will find many unfinished projects in the studio...but as it should be...right?
I have been collecting vintage trouble lights and will be hanging them down between the springs to spot light the project that I have in the works.

and the journal wall begins........

A couple of the studio muse!
I bought this painting at the Rosebowl flea market.... I knew that it needed to find a home in the new studio...I have researched the artist but have not found anything is date 1889

Drawers....I need them....I must have them....I am crazy about them....there I said it! I think when I die my ashes should be tucked in a drawer of an old trunk...

Music..old school style

The 3 journals on the left were made for me by my daughter Ivy...I think she is quite talented...she doesn't think so...she is wrong! The other journal was made for me by Pam is so neat I don't want to write in it...I know that I must!
Cameras and art supplies....need I say more?

Here is where you will find me melting glass, and making beads. You may never see it this clean....ever!!!! but that is a good thing...really!

a peek inside a drawer............
A color study for a necklace in progress.
yummy beads awaiting there place in the necklace.

glass waiting to become beads......

Major project, just installed last night. The story of this mantel tells a little about who I am..Me at a garage sale..."what a great much is it ?" garage sale lady..."hmmm, my husband doesn't want to sell it." "Where is he?" "he left for the really like it?" "I beyond like it!" "Well, if you can get it out of here before he comes back it is yours!" Picture here the Roadrunner placing a fireplace mantel in back of a van!!!! Yep...that is how fast I got this mantel in the van and was out of there. Now mind you it was sans mirror....this one picked from a neighbors trash.....picture here grumbling husband! Sans mantel shelf....scraps of a little bit of this and that....with molding from Habitat Restore waiting in the garage to be added.

So thank you kindly for your visit....I'm off to the Farmer's Market...and then back home to blog crawl.....hope to see you back for a visit and who knows a friendship...

Joy..............all ways!


  1. What a totally wonderful studio! I LOVE the old springs suspended from the ceiling with all the lights....that is the coolest thing I have ever seen.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,
    LuLu Kellogg

  2. Awesome! I love you mantel!!! I want one for my new guest room. Thanks for sharing your space!


  3. killed me!!!! Your place is just 2DIE4...I'm drooling...I could kill for a place like that, watch out!!!!

  4. Oh girl. Love your space and your vision. Want to know what made me smile? Reading your profile about wearing the man's shirt over your dotted swiss frock. That could soo have been me.

    Thanks for stopping by. I've so enjoyed my visit to your beautiful workshop. LOVELY!


  5. Oh my, what a clever space. The springs on the ceiling got me from the start and I couldn't wait to see what else you had for us. I was not disappointed! My thanks to your son for serving our country and I will definitely be back to see what else you create for us. Blessings, Kit

  6. What an inspiring space! I can't believe you did this in 18 days.

    I am doing a recap of the workshops I really enjoyed and want to include you. Can I use one of your pictures in my post? xo Joan@anythinggoeshere

  7. I think your journal wall is one of the coolest things I have seen. I love the colors and the many techniques you used to make it. And I adore your mantel and love the story about it. Now I am grieving the old wooden mantel that we sold. I never dreamed it could be such a beautiful piece in our craft room!

    We are three months old (in blog time) and are a mother/daughter team. I didn't set the space cleaned but stop by sometime, if you wish.

    Susan (Suz) Reaney
    (not just about jewelry)

  8. Beautiful! Overwhelmingly inspiring. Cozy, yummy, so very cool. Thanks to your son. And thanks to you for your support.

  9. A fun, inspiring and totally cool place to create! Thanks so much for the tour!

  10. You have such a great creative space, just bursting with creative inspiration. I know you will enjoy it a lot. I loved the story about the mantle - really made me chuckle. Although I think I am more like the husband than his wife - I hate to get rid of things! Thanks for sharing.


  11. You have such an adorable creative space that's very welcoming and fun to visit. Thanks for the tour, it was very delightful. I had to call my daughter over to see your bed frame light fixture and we looked thought your studio together, what fun it was visiting you.

  12. First of all I think you're a very funny lady, I love your beautiful picture from the Rose Bowl - the colors are just gorgeous, and I especially like your cozy little nook/table. All of your things are just so inspiring. Thanks for letting me peek in. Diane

  13. I love, love, love your studio! It is so welcoming and has such a warm, cozy feel. Great story about the mantel. I really enjoyed visiting your studio! Connie

  14. ...and the springs on the ceiling - awesome! Connie (again)

  15. We threw out two iron box springs in our attic when we cleaned it out over 5 years ago before building our log home. If only I had known! LOVE it hanging from the ceiling with lights! never in a million years could I have imagined that.

    Love all your drawers!! I am so with you there.
    I am definite;y intrigued with your journal wall too. Would love to hear more. Sounds like a fantastic and inspiring idea!

    Wonderful cozy creative space!

    Hystericaly funny story about the mantel. I can just picture you. hahaha

    happy day!

  16. Love love LOVE all those little drawers!!! Thank you for sharing.

  17. Fabulous space! Love all the drawers and your beads!
    Queen Bee Studio

  18. What a beautiful creative space. Love you shabby chic space. So, enjoyed my visit with you.

  19. soooo many lovely things... where to start!
    the drawers! i love drawers too. and boxes.
    and beads. glorious handmade beads. droool.

  20. Love the room. And tell your son we are thankful for what he is doing. My hubby just got back from Afghanistan and it takes a lot from the family to weather the military..

  21. WOW! Now that is some serious studio space!!! Do you really have a box spring hanging from your ceiling???
    Me and the pixies LOVE all of your drawers!
    Thanks for having us over!
    Sparkly Hugs,
    Tobi and the Pixies!

  22. What a wonderful creative space!

    I adore your storage solutions. You have inspired me to work on my own crafting paradise.

  23. A complete original--Thanks for sharing--Jacqueline

  24. Oh wow - how brilliant ARE those bed springs!! Wouldn't work in my studio because I'm tall and there's low ceilings, but how I would love to do that! Thank you for inviting us.

  25. OMG! Your studio is amazing. I LOVE those springs with the lanterns and your painted wall is just too gorgeous! You do indeed have some really cool drawers for all of your stuff. I see things like that here occasionally at our antique mall but they are always way out of my budget.

  26. The bed springs hanging from the ceiling really did it for me! And all the drawers! I love your studio!!!

  27. Love, Love your studio. Can't believe you did that so quickly. Very creative. Love the bed spring, those are hard to find. I was looking for one a few years ago and gave up. They are fun to play with for display.
    I will be back to visit:) xo

  28. OK you get the most creative award! I would love to know what you paid for your stolen fire place mantel, it is wonderful, poor guy! Now, don't visit my creative (I use that term loosely) space until your ready to catch a few ZZZZZZZZZ's ha!


  29. Lots of cool stuff in this space, love the bed spring lights! That's fabulous! Thanks for sharing such a unique and interesting space!

  30. My, what an awesome space. I am in shock at all the wonderful drawers and other vintage storage pieces. Just awesome. And the spring hanging from the ceiling, How did you get it up there? It looks wonderful!!

  31. Joy, your studio is wonderful!! 'glass waiting to become beads' oh, if only I had such talent. To make my own beads! Please keep posting about this journal wall too. I love it!

  32. Hi JoY!
    I love your studio and I totally get ALOT of what you say!
    My son is home right now from Great Lakes. He leaves Monday for his !st deployment overseas!...I am weeks away from a major event and what did I do...dropped everything and cleaned up my room to share with everyone!
    Your studio has such a great personality...I bet it is a true reflection of you!
    Have fun in your new room.
    Love the fireplace!

  33. Loved bee bopping around your creative space.... and I'll have to say the box springs on the ceiling is pretty awesome. Great goodies everywhere!

    Plus, your comment was chosen to win my little piece of art. If you will contact me to give me a mailing address I will quickly send your art without delay! Thanks for participating over at my place.


  34. I love your studio, sooo wimsical!!! so much storage and how clever the old iron matress!!!

  35. Just finished a "Go See" on my Sidebar!
    I hope you get some great new folks to check out your wonderful Blog, studio and Creations!


  36. So much to like truely a wonderful space to create in! TFS

  37. So Excited to have found you today ~ Not sure which came first, the Studio Post or the Red, White & Blue ~ anyway, New Follower Here~ Your Studio is Amazing, Love the Journal Wall ~ Your Wall of Drawers & Lots More!
    Thank You for raising a wonderful Son, Who is Doing His Part for Our Country ~ I Truly Appreciate His Dedication..... "God Bless America" & May God Bless & Protect Your Son.... Happy 4th

  38. Such a totally charming space! I love all your storage can never have too many drawers...

    Thank you so much for showing me around!


  39. I love your charming studio!!!

  40. I L O V E the journal wall! I may have to totally borrow that idea for my shop!

  41. What a fantastic space! Gurl, you need to be in WWC!!!! I especially love the bed springs/cool paper lanterns and the drawers! Ohmygosh...too fab!

    yapping cat

  42. Ha ha, I love the comment about the drawers!!! I feel the same way about cupboards..... and if they have little drawers, OMG I love them even more!!! Your studio is so wonderful, I can see why you are so inspired!!!
    Margaret B

  43. I don't know what I love the most about this space, the bed spring lighting, the walls, the vignettes, the stacks of awesome storage - who am I kidding? - LOVE IT ALL! What a fun whimsical studio, thank you for the most inspiring tour.