Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown!!!

So many times we have planted pumpkins with little to no success. These pumpkins just appeared on their own. Now mind you, last year as the pumpkins began to rot I would just toss them out in the garden. In the island garden. These pumpkins however are growing in the border garden.
I don't know how big they will grow. Mr Uncanny informed me yesterday that he has already removed a couple of the pumpkins to let the others grow bigger. How funny is he that he has done a Google research on growing large pumpkins....gotta love that guy....although I think he is taking over my garden. As we spoke to a neighbor yesterday he called the roses "My roses." What??? Do you even know the name of the head starts ranting....then I stop it to remind myself what a great help he is to OUR garden!

Remember this? It is all but lost in the sea of Black eyed Susan. I must say thinning the garden is the hardest thing for me. I just hate tearing out, even when I know that it is best. I am in need of thinning out the Sunflower seedlings and I just can't stand it. But crowded does not a good garden make!
Joy.....................all ways!

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  1. Can't wait to see how much your "Husband's" pumpkin will grow! Just a few more months 'til Halloween!