Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Red, White and Blue vintage style, come to the party!

Come and celebrate the 4th vintage style! Anything goes here is hosting a vintage blog party

So welcome to a peek at my patriotic vintage. I have always been drawn to red! Maybe it has to do growing up as a redhead??? I have early memories of me camping wearing a WELL worn red cowboy hat,(the 1960 version of sunscreen!) and some very scuffed red cowgirl boots.
I had a huge collection of Raggedy Ann and Andy....now only favorites remain in the collection.I can still remember buying the 1976 flag. It was a very patriotic time! Isn't it sad that we can't keep that American spirit going all the time?
Vintage cowboy boots, I guess you are never to old!
This beauty was painted by a dear friend, Sue at Cottage Way of Life It was created for a swap at a gathering of friends at Valentines............so many years ago.

OK, vintage??? I say yes, or should I say NO! Do you really want to tag your childhood belongings as vintage....I think not!

And a bit of non Americana red white and blue.....
I hope you enjoyed your visit...now be sure to visit the others!

This fourth will be a little different for this family. Our son has joined the Military to serve his country. I will celebrate our Independence with a different view...much closer to the heart!

Have a safe and family filled Fourth Of July......Celebrate your Freedom!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

He made me coffee....

AHHHH is he the sweetest...yes he is! It has been in the 90's for more days than I care to count...and then there is that matching humidity! The pool even needs ice cubes!!! So, iced coffee for my morning coffee...dreamy!

The studio table this morning.....hope you find your creative juices this weekend!

Joy.............................all ways

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pearls of wisdom find their way on to the journal wall

This image was added today after Hanna at Good Girls Studio made a necklace inspired by this painting...so I used one of the quotes included in her post...I'm not sure if she is finished. I will have to live with for a while.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where this blogger creates

Thanks for coming by...and a big thank you to Karen Valentine at MyDesert Cottage for hosting this bash.
Let me start out by saying it is bitter sweet that I have spent the last 16 days moving my studio into its current location...the room belonged to my son who is in his 18th day of Marine boot camp. Yes, I am counting the days until we see him again...his first move from home....so you will find many unfinished projects in the studio...but as it should be...right?
I have been collecting vintage trouble lights and will be hanging them down between the springs to spot light the project that I have in the works.

and the journal wall begins........

A couple of the studio muse!
I bought this painting at the Rosebowl flea market.... I knew that it needed to find a home in the new studio...I have researched the artist but have not found anything yet...it is date 1889

Drawers....I need them....I must have them....I am crazy about them....there I said it! I think when I die my ashes should be tucked in a drawer of an old trunk...

Music..old school style

The 3 journals on the left were made for me by my daughter Ivy...I think she is quite talented...she doesn't think so...she is wrong! The other journal was made for me by Pam Garrison...it is so neat I don't want to write in it...I know that I must!
Cameras and art supplies....need I say more?

Here is where you will find me melting glass, and making beads. You may never see it this clean....ever!!!! but that is a good thing...really!

a peek inside a drawer............
A color study for a necklace in progress.
yummy beads awaiting there place in the necklace.

glass waiting to become beads......

Major project, just installed last night. The story of this mantel tells a little about who I am..Me at a garage sale..."what a great mantel....how much is it ?" garage sale lady..."hmmm, my husband doesn't want to sell it." "Where is he?" "he left for the store....you really like it?" "I beyond like it!" "Well, if you can get it out of here before he comes back it is yours!" Picture here the Roadrunner placing a fireplace mantel in back of a van!!!! Yep...that is how fast I got this mantel in the van and was out of there. Now mind you it was sans mirror....this one picked from a neighbors trash.....picture here grumbling husband! Sans mantel shelf....scraps of a little bit of this and that....with molding from Habitat Restore waiting in the garage to be added.

So thank you kindly for your visit....I'm off to the Farmer's Market...and then back home to blog crawl.....hope to see you back for a visit and who knows a friendship...

Joy..............all ways!