Friday, July 24, 2009

This is a favorite artist Kimberly Hodges...she mixes so many designs into her works. This is the look that I would like my beads and jewelery to move toward. I want to incorporate my drawings,photography, lampwork beads and felting into the jewelery that I create...that is my work in progress...I am seeing signs that it is working. Stay tuned for futures festoons! Here is a lovely that was waiting for me to discover it at the Habitat Restore. As you can see from the one crystal hanging it is in the festooning process. Right now all the ideas are still in the head. I know that I will create a paper mache bird to nest in its branches!

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  1. That was fun! Thank you for partying!

    I love your blog background. I almost picked it - it's so odd and i love odd!

    jan thomason