Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tag sale surprise AKA Festooning machine!!!

Tag sale goodness! I was at the tag sale for a good long time. I found a few goodies, but nothing to sing about. I then went over by the dvd players and such. At first I thought this was an old projector. I did not see the name on the handle, my mind had already determined it an old projector. As I lifted the lid you can imagine my excitement. And the price!! $10.00. Catch my breath, please! This lovely from what I have found was made in the year of my birth, making it that much more treasured. I am happy to share that she is in perfect working order!


  1. Oh my! What a fabulous find you lucky thing you!!

  2. Hi, thanks for your comment. I use 0,8 and 1,0 wire.It is my first doll so I will see how I do the others.
    Wonderful find!
    untill the next visit Magdalena at Color Sepia

  3. What a great find! And it looks to be in wonderful shape.