Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Shutter colors

I have to choose a shutter color! My house is brick the trim is pure white, the front door is robins egg blue. The littlie bit of siding is mocha and I want pumpkin color shutters or do I??? I am so visual and need a bit of time with the color but the painters want to know now!


  1. I love the color, but I know it can be scary deciding. Maybe you can get an inexpensive piece of wood or card board, paint them with a few different colors you have been considering and see what you think! Good luck and let us know what you decide!


  2. Like the robin blue with pumpkin, and even with red, as crazy as it sounds!! Decisions...decisions.....

  3. Beautifull colors of one in the middle, the pink en blue one...really lovely picture.
    Best wishes
    Magdalena / Color Sepia

  4. Oh my gosh -thank you for your sweet sweet message today- Warmed my heart:) I LOVE your blog-the shutters are unreal. I love anything distressed and well loved:) like me! Ha! Love to You.