Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In the beginning there was blogging

I spent a whole day saving my favorites to Delicious. I have over 300 how crazy is that? When do I have time to go back to all these favorites. Really 300 favorites? I think I forgot what the word favorite means. I did buy my new favorite magizine Artful Blogging. I started thinking that no time like the present to start a blog. Now I will not be happy with my blog until it reflects the artist within. So I will have to study up on all the tricks to make it my own. However I have given myself a stress free journey into the blog world knowing that one day it will be all that I wanted it to be...just not right away. So Artful blogging you will just have to wait a moment while I become all I can be and make us proud that together we made it happen. I hope to inspire as much as I have been inspired...so begins the journey

6:57:00 AM

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