Friday, June 26, 2009

you are never to old with brushes! brushezy
Marcela over at esty cottage style is hosting a blog party...and I needed a break! I am teaching myself adobe CS3 . Her answer to never to old too....was... play with your computer. Ahhh a person who knows my pain! Marcela I hope that you come read this post and offer to pay it forward to a friend in the making! I have also been posting on Mixed media art ning. I read this post from Tina and heard myself laugh out loud! She was not speaking a language that I could translate in my mind. However as my first post states I am going slow and easy on this blogging journey!


  1. Dear Joy, where should I start??????? You are out there but you know what? I just LOVE your blog, from the background to the fact that you see beauty in rusty wire and old newspaper...never mind the paper roses...divine!!! I even liked the posts where I have no idea what you are talking about! I will come back often. Thank you for join the party and inspire me, yes, you did inspire me!!!