Friday, June 19, 2009

Three beads to go to new homes

Here is the book and swage block that I traded beads for when I was at Penland School of Crafts. The book was made by Joy Raynor, she is a potter and photograper. The cover is her clay work and the book is filled with her photos taken in the Penland area. The swage block was made my a lovely girl named Teresa Joy, I did not learn her last name. She overheard Joy and I talking about having the same name and shared that her middle name is Joy. She was excited to join the exchange of beads. I just happened to have a photo in my phone of a swage block I was going to talk my dear hubby into making. She made this one of cherry, I will give it a try this weekend! Which one do you want? become a follower and I will email you for details to send you a free bead! 9 still to go.

I will be making more free beads this weekend, Six more to complete my bribe! Don't miss your chance to get a free bead! I will post more choices tomorrow.

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