Saturday, June 20, 2009

Junkin it!

Glass wrapped on rusted wire...are you with me?
Maybe stamens for a felt flower, or maybe a coffee filter flower?

That snake skin made me pay a little more attention during this junkin shopping trip!

All these goodies are from a structure tear down near my home. Lots of out buildings. There was great old wallpaper in one building but it was just not safe to go into. Darn what great backgroung it would of made. I will just use that 1940's newpaper instead.

Junk, Junk, and more Junk.....I am hoping create some great found object jewelry along with my beads and some felt flowers. Talk about uncanny festoon, rusted matal, glass beads and felt, some time this head of mine just needs to stop!! come back for treasure that will come out of this junk!

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  1. Hi there! I'm so glad you will be joining the WBC party. There are so many talented and creative people here in blogland, I think it will be very fun and very inspirational to see where everyone gets there creative mojo!

    Mt Desert Cottage