Sunday, October 4, 2009

Teacher treasures

Let's go shopping!!! This is a Campus Cutie from Louis Marx co. . From what I can discover there are about eight figures. They were made in 1964 ish. How fun.
These teacher aids are my favorite find of the weekend. They were waiting for ME. They were at an estate sale that I had passed by want to get to a church sale. I thought I would stop in on my way home as it was close to home. Can we say treasure? The picture cards measure 10x19 and there are 35 of them. I paid $15.00 for them. Then there was a whole box of teacher items for $3.00. It contained all sorts of flash cards and teaching items.

This is one of my favorites ewwwwwww!

We had this vacuum, ours was turquoise. We called it the green pig.

Here is just a sample of the flash cards. I remember wanting to be the quickest in class reading the flash cards....hmmm I wonder if I was...don't remember that.

I am going to make charms out of these. What a great teacher gift that would make, a whole bracelet full.

Oh my word, the vintage books they had for sale at the church sale. I bought 19 vintage Nancy Drew. They have book plates in them with dates in them late 40's early 50's.

I am going to try and convince my daughter Ivy to read them. She is into the Vampire books right we will see.
Now scoot on over and peek here to see what others found for JUNKIN MONDAY


  1. Hi Joy!
    Those word flashcards are great... just think of all the wonderful possibilities!!
    Have a great time decorating and creating with your new finds!
    Happy day,

  2. Hi Joy! I'm in love with flash cards (teachers didn't use them in Argentina, so they are a "new' thing for us!) great idea to make them into charms!!... I bought years ago the Hardy Boys collection and my kids never even looked at them, hope you have more luck with yours!...mine are being altered one by one!!
    Have a fab day!
    M & C

  3. I love the flash cards! I came across some HoneyBunch books at an antique shop the other day but @ $29 a book, I left them there.

  4. I finally found my first flash cards on my Nebr. Junk Jaunt. You made a great haul here! And that campus cutie---I may have to search for those!

  5. What a cute idea to make charms from the mini cards. I will have to be on the lookout for some of these. I've been looking for the word flashcards for a little project I got in mind. Nice find and thanks for visiting!

  6. Oh my goodness, I love all of those flashcards....adorable!!! I love the precious drawings. The nancy drew books are a steal as well, keep those forever!

  7. Joy, what a nice score!!! i just love the flashcards!!!

  8. Great finds! I love the words you're turning into charms!

    Sandy xox