Saturday, October 3, 2009

going green on the wraps

My daughter told me Friday that she had a birthday party to go to Saturday. Oh,and she said "Mom, will you make her something?" Really Ivy...thanks for the notice!
I made her this initial charm.

This side of the pendant has part of my daughter Ivy's art work from when she was very young. I love the simpleness of it. I had added one of my handmade beads to the necklaces only to be told, "Mom, Samantha is goth!" so off came the girlie bead and on went something BLACK.

So how fitting is this wrapping for a goth girl!!!

I am all into the cone shape for gifting. This cone of saved brown bag, brown ink from walnuts and sewing tread that had come with a sweater for future mending, and to finish it off scraps cut for my childhood World books that you now see at a trillion garage sales. Ivy was quite pleased at the out come. Samantha adored her gift. Me I just tucked back My super mom cape, hands on hips, chest pumped out high and............smiled. Mom to the rescue once again! Now off to clean up.


  1. Oh my!!! That is wonderful...and we are not goth! We bet she loved it!!!

  2. Oh Joy--how wonderful that your daughter WANTED you to make something for her friend! It makes me happy when my kids like something I do but to ask for a gift for a friend---pretty cool.

  3. I can see why you have the super mom cape! Very nicely done!