Monday, October 12, 2009

Junkin Monday!

It is not just about junkin, there are lessons to be learned.

Caution Loosen tourniquet every twenty minutes but do not remove it. If bleeding does not begin, leave tourniquet loosely in place, if bleeding begins allow to spurt three times and tighten again... and now you too know how to use a tourniquet. When I read this I laughed at the three spurts..who knew?

The lessons continue.Marcela has trained my eye to look at glass ware a little different. This is two pieces of glass ware put together...nice right?

This clock was pictured in one of Jill Ruth&Co Junkin Monday post, I emailed her and bought it from her for my wall of be sure if you adore something to chechk to see if it can be yours!!!

So Mondays are a little easier to take when you have JUNKIN MONDAY to look forward to! Now follow this link to see all my Junkie friends...some times it is good to be a Junkie!!!!

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  1. Your torniquet will make a wonderful shoulder bag strap. Love the vignette inside the jar (must admit I can't enough of those!) and the's great!! Aren't the old clocks so much cuter than the ugly digital ones???? Have a great Monday!

  2. hee hee, those tourniquet instructions are a hoot:) too funny...i love those wee little shoes, they are precious...and that is a great clock...the base is such a wonderful color!!!

  3. Thanks for the tourniquet lesson--hopefully, I'll never need to know this. I'm glad the clock found such a happy home!

  4. I almost said "it's ALWAYS good to be a junkie!" & then I remembered that there are 2 kinds. LOL

    Love the vignette in teh glass...too sweet! And love the color of the clock base...very cool!

  5. Hi Joy, Thank you for coming by and leaving such a sweet comment! My first time here, but I'll be back for sure! Love that clock!
    My Best

  6. Love the idea of turning the torniquet into a shoulder bag strap! Lovely treasures you featured and I especially like the clock!


  7. Love the little shoes and clock.

    thanks for coming by to visit.

    off to check out your giveaway now.
    barbara jean