Thursday, October 29, 2009

It is a RED letter day!

Yes, A RED letter day!

OK so not such a great picture, but a great story to share. And if you catch yourself smiling then I know we are one in alike. The other day I was getting into my car. I shut the car door. I could not get a good grasp??? What is that I say as my hand is pricked by a misplaced object??? I remove the object from the hand hold of the car door. I see a very scarred hair comb?? Not a hair comb that I have ever owned...a smile begins to grow as I come to realize that Dear Sweet Husband has become a gatherer! A gatherer of forlorn objects. I can not recall the number of times he has ribbed me as I bend to pick up an object. AND now dear friends, he has left an object that he scooped up. The object is really his love for me and my shows again how he supports me in all I do. As rough as the hair comb is, it will be lovingly place in an adornment I will cherish, just as he cherishes ME! I hope that you are cherished today and everyday and be sure to cherish back!


  1. Oh Joy, what a neat story. It IS a blessing to be cherished. And it's shown in such a simple way, which in my opinion makes it all the more special.

  2. What a wonderful post Joy! There's nothing better than the thoughtful little things our loved ones do, you have a very special man!