Friday, October 9, 2009

come on in....

This lovely bakery display case has been hiding out in the garage. I just didn't see the right spot for it. I think it is OK here, better than the garage. I can remember the day this piece came into our lives. My husband and I were celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. We were staying at a B&B in Laguna Beach. Our wedding town. We stopped at an antique store. This piece was still on the truck, yet to be unloaded. I wanted to know all about it. It was made for the United Yeast co. LTD makers Bristol. It was used to display baked goods. They didn't even have a price for it and would have to call us. The shelves are lined with milk glass. It reminds me of the Helms bakery truck that used to come by our house in the morning. He would pull out drawers of pastry freshly made and the smell alone could make you gain weight. When we brought this piece home you could still smell the sugar glaze from the pastries.
What has been resting in the drawers the last 5 years?

Great to have you home dear friend!


  1. In the garage??? OMG!! That is a stylish garage, my friend! Love that piece! You know, it's sad that all the antiques stores in Laguna have closed now...I miss them!

  2. Hi Sweet Friend!

    What an amazing find and I love the story of how you acquired it and the great little treasures it now holds!

    Big Hugs,

  3. What a wonderful piece to display more wonderful pieces! I'm happy you have a home for it!