Monday, October 26, 2009

Junkin Monday a dollar at a time....

I am gathering ideas and finds for a new studio...I will have the new space in February. It comes to me at a sad time for a mom. My twenty year old son will be moving away. He has been attending college, living at home. Because he is the comedian of the family it has been great for the most part to have him at home...I did say that he is time for parents or family. He is leaving for boot camp at the influence of his closest of friends. So it is with sadness tempered with a hint of glee that I will be moving my studio into the much larger bonus room. I still hear his middle school, not yet burly voice calling for the room when we were looking to buy the house... so some of my finds are just hanging out waiting to see where they may fit in the new studio space...

This mirror was just $1.00 I adore the depth of it's gilded frame. It also had it's original label, always a bit of enjoyment to google to see what one may find.
A few stops along the way to the Saturday Farmers market. It was a good tool day for hubby. I don't mind...I have projects galore...It was dollar day for me. That candle stick I bought from a dealer. He bought it for 4 and sold it to me for was a rainy day and I think that he had had it along with the others. I bought the aluminum cups, seven in all, for...yep a dollar...they make great little scatter vases. The wicker bottle 1.oo....

Jack Daniels bottle in the loveliest pumpkin shape 75 cents. It still has all the tax labels as well as the taster labels

This rug...2.00

A dollars worth of ribbon

Vase 1.00, silk pillow cover 50 cents.

This little guy will join me in the studio...maybe if I set my tool on his tray I will remeber were I put it??? for 1.00 worth a try, nothing else has worked

This cute little carved number was 10 cents I love a good dollar day how about you?

Do little girls still wear robes? I love the colors in the patterns. My friends mom decided to sew herself a dress from a recent vintage pattern she had didn't fit...sizes have changed so much... I would hate to know what I would wear in a 1950's pattern size...I'm sure it is not a 10....sometimes not knowing is a good thing...I am off to visit fellow junkers


  1. GREAT finds you have the vase and rug! Hope you have a FUN week.


  2. Joy, my Son is also living at home while doing his freshman year, he's 18 and will stay one more year here. I must admit that I'm so glad he stayed. Just like you, for the most part I really enjoy having him at home.2 more years with the family beats hands down any college experience they might have!! Now, into had a very successful week, didn't you?, from the gorgeous mirror to the little guy with the tray, I love it all. The aluminum cups have a green patina and the cute vase is just the perfect color. I'll say your dollar day was just too much fun!!!

  3. Joy, it's all great BUT those aluminum cups are the BEST. I really like those. I'm always drawn to aluminum coffee pots and I have a big collection of colored aluminum glasses/pitchers/bowls etc. The dimpling or indented areas really add character to them.

  4. Wow, you certainly had a great shopping day! Love that wicker bottle and that lovely rug the most! This is my first Junkin' Monday. So happy to have found you all!
    Happy Monday!

  5. Joy, WOW!!! you really did many things at amazing prices...i LOVE one dollar price tags...they are few and far between here...but when i do find them, i get a little giddy...LOVE LOVE LOVE that gorgeous frame!!!

  6. You find such wonderful things for the lowest prices I've ever seen!

  7. Hi Joy, I'm so glad you came by for a visit. You found some wonderful things on your "junk day", but I got a glimpse of your little lamb in the top photo, oh it's so sweet!
    Hope you're having a wonderful week!

  8. Oh my goodness...I love that rug!!! What a great find!!!

    ;-) Robelyn