Monday, November 2, 2009


This is a gathering of vintage office for the new studio. I have had my eye on a couple turquoise typewriters, but alas...they were not meant for me. Saturday as we were leaving an estate sale,dear hubby had vanished..I turn to find him in a room that I had yet to discover.There sat a mocha colored typewriter in mint condition...with a bright green sticker ...screaming $2.oo...I catch myself spurting out the words..."that is coming home with me!" and just think no shipping fee! I went on to find the vintage stapler to add to the collection.

This is a $3.00 haul of fabric. I am collecting fabrics to cut into scraps to slipcover a love seat that will be a favorite spot to drool over Where Woman Create!

A tree stack of floral frogs...these were fifty cents each and so the whole lot came home with me. Since this picture they have moved to the fireplace mantle and been topped with a star...and the thoughts of the winter decorating tried for a glint of a moment to tear at my heart...wait your turn I reply...fall first!

Here is what I had at the top of my look for list. Containers for the popcorn and oil for the popcorn machine. No matter how many time I put the bag of kernels away, I turn and back they are...both are now momified as my kids call it! Not yet I think to myself....I bet I can find a vintage popcorn image to add to the glass.

I found a box of candles for $1.00, much better than the $4.00 dear hubby spent on just two...
Hands were a clap when the kitchen of the estate sale harbored two of the ball jars needed to finished the initial revamp of the dining room light fixture...remember those turquoise chairs, they were the inspiration for this change. As you can see by the dangle of crystals on only one arm, it remains a work in prcgress!
The pine dresser in the dining room finally got it's Fall makeover. This slip ware plate found this weekend slipped right into place.
You know how sometimes you wish you had not invited your husband shopping with know what I mean!!! Well dear sweet hubby has made me walk away from more than one set of dishes I pined after...I had sent him to check the price of a lampshade, when he comes back he finds me behind a table, stooped over a box FULL of dishes...I quickly share that it is ironstone!!! I laugh he cares that it is ironstone...I can assure you not one bit. He hears me talking to the homeowner for a price...she asks me what I want to pay...$ about $7.00...ok..besides what is pictured here there were four all white ironstone plates and an oval white we are walking to the car I say to my hubby...can you believe that you are carrying a box of dishes? He just chuckles.
Joining are ever growing parade of pig cutting boards is this cutie rimmed in red. He is the first of the collection to have an eye...there are nine in all.
Now go hog wild looking at all the other Junkin Monday finds over at Marcella and Clara's blog.


  1. You found the greatest treasures!!! I can't believe my eyes.... and the prices!!!!!
    Happy Monday!

  2. that light fixture is genius!

  3. Goodness--great things! First off--is that an old popcorn popper?! I have been looking for one of those (reasonably priced) for years. I'm glad you found a typewriter, maybe someday there will be a turquoise one! And, you are the first collector that I've seen of the pig cutting boards. I don't see those often.

  4. Holy Junkin Monday! Love your new typewriter and all the other goodies you featured but my heart stopped at the amazing chandelier in your dining room with the ball jars. How clever of you...I LOVE IT!

    Love and hugs,

  5. Love the typewriter....collect flower frogs myself.....but that chandelier with the Ball jar lights....that is absolutely genius and charming! You win!
    Take care, Laura

  6. That poor Husband of yours!!!He MUST love you!! But how can anyone resist ironstone?? We absolutely love what you are doing with your chandelier...divine!Of course all the other treasures are fab too, specially the typewriter. We can't believe that not too long ago we were all writing with those and now we are going crazy trying to find them for a good price...LOL!!

  7. Such wonderful finds! I can't belive you found all those flower frogs for 50 cents a piece...I've had to pay $5 each for the couple I have. :o(

    But that mason jar chandelier is my all time fave...what a great idea! I remember your chairs & what a companion's simply amazing!

  8. Your finds are amazing and my sis lives in Charlotte, I wonder if you know her? Sheila Carpenter? That would be neat if you did! Lovely blog thanks for all the inspiration! Suzy

  9. What an amazing sale you found. You scored some great buys like the flower frogs and the pig cutting boards. Great prices too. I can't seem to find sales like that around here. Love all your great stuff!

  10. I am telling you I adore, simply adore your ball jar chandalier. I don't know where you got the idea...but it is fantastic!