Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lessons learned

First lessons in the studio. Sunday I gave my first lesson in the studio. I have taught classes in my home just never in the studio. I was teaching Meri Elle to solider. It is a treat to watch an artist learning a new skill. She brought some wonderful images to capture behind glass. It will be a wonderful time seeing what she does with this new gained talent. It helped me as an artist teaching just how to help others move past hesitations and free them self to just DO. It was a wonderful time. We have already decided what her next class will be. Fine silver fusing. Yes, Meri Elle with a torch!


  1. Joy, you are such a positive force. I appreciate your encouragement. She is VERY fortunate to take a class from you. Maybe we could schedule a retreat for me?! Can I bring my kids?! (Just kidding-don't want to scare you!)
    AND, I have to say that my eyes almost watered looking at your studio. That very large unit of drawers--are they printer's drawers? I don't even know what to say. That may be one of the most wonderful pieces of antique furniture I've ever seen.

  2. She definitely has a great teacher! How nice of you to help and inspire her, make sure she lets us see her creations!