Monday, November 9, 2009

Junkin Beverly Hills style

Be sure to take a peak at all the Junkin Monday finds over at Nice and Easy Antiques.

This is the lovely fan I have been hunting for was in the house but minutes before dear hubby had it in the garage torn apart to see if he can get it running. This is not me complaining, I am very happy to have a HANDY man. It just would have been a better photo if it had been in one piece. The add for the sale stated that " I am an artist pack rat headed to Australia and all must go." in the list of items was listed an antique fan. Sale started at 8, we arrive just a few minutes early to find nothing set up...true to the artist spirit I thought. I share that I was here hoping to buy the fan. Out it came from the back seat of her car...$5.oo not sure if it works, wiring a bit scary ! OK, friends, this girl had on the most fabulous cowboy boots ever...I wanted to knock her down and take them...instead I bought the pair pictured on down the post...her aunt lives in Texas and sends her vintage boots...can you have her send me some???

Really, Beauty Can?...I guess that beauty is in the eye of the beholder...however I did buy this beauty.

I bought these 3 glass door knobs for a project. The centers are mercury glass. I was afraid of the price and when I heard $1.50 each, I wished there were more!

Here are the boots. The black ones with the oh so great stitching. They also are a taller boot which I love to wear with a dress. I paid $30.00...steal!

This fabric appears to have been a robe that has been cut apart. If I didn't know better I would say that it was stitched from silk slips.

Is that Christmas sneaking in? I liked that this candle light was of brass and not plastic.

And drum roll please....the buy of the weekend....bookshelf with beading and scallops for....more drum roll ...pause.....$15.00....Shut UP!

It was cold out ...but it went home in the Mustang, top down! Good thing I wore a down vest and wool hat!

and I just had to share this picture...hydrangeas in November in the South! Yes, out of my garden. I know, share in my surprise!


  1. Can you feel the envy from there???? I bet you can!!!! I'll take my Envy-Pill and come back later...Grrrr!!!!!
    We are up and running, link so I'm not the only green one!!!!

  2. That was great sale--you know I have two garbage cans like that, but I don't know if they say "beauty can" on the pedal, I need to go look! Wow--that book shelf for $

  3. Joy, you really hit the jackpot!!! i love what i can see of your fan...LOL...your hubby was on it like white on it...i hope he can get it working for you...i just adore those boots you got cute!!!

  4. Wonderful boots. I think you go out on the town in style with those boots. Hydrangias in nov. wow.. i can't wait until spring gets here again so mine will bloom.. Thanks for sharing

  5. WOW 1.50 for those doorknobs? That is amazing! And the bookshelf is so pretty.
    Hydrangeas? Are the gardens going mad? I found raspberries on my vines last week and that's NEVER happened in November before!

  6. amazing finds! i love everything but i think the doorknobs and boots are my favs, what deals you got on them!

  7. LOVE those glass doorknobs! I've sold a few, and wish I had them back, for the great candle holders I've been seeing. Hydrangeas in November, so very pretty!

  8. Love the doorknobs & the boots but that bookshelf is my has such great detail. Great finds!

  9. You seriously have a "good deal" magnet! Wowza!! Love all your treasures and the boots...sigh!

    Love and hugs,