Sunday, November 22, 2009

Junkin Monday

A warm amber willow picnic hamper to heighten the stack...when I brought it in the house dear sweetie was admiring it...I took it to his study and added it to the stack...he chuckled and said"you knew right where it was going" he is right I knew the minute I saw it at the rummage sale that it would rest with the other baskets in his room. How high to that is the question?????

a candle lit day with a light drizzle outside making the glow warming to the soul. The fairy lamp and thread spools were a great find at the rummage sale. The spools are just the right size to house a candle in the top hole. Can you believe the Autumn colors of the taller spool?

I always have my eye out for items to add height to my vignettes. Marcela from Nice and Easy antiques has had a hand in me seeing things a bit different. This little pumpkin rest on an upside down silver compote dish layered on top of another pedestal...

Kid leather gloves...from the Dollar store! Not really, but they were only a dollar! The fit...perfect! I needed a black pair of gloves, I always seem to get brown??? Perfect timing as our evenings drop into the low 40's.

Tea cups for a quarter at the rummage sale...priced by the Mad Hatter himself I believe!!! You must be mad to sell tea cups for a quarter....all made in England and vintage! MAD I SAY!
Six hand painted tea cups ...............$1.50 and no tea tax!
My mind won't leave this alone.............ideas a plenty
Emergency candles in a lovely shade of honey

and what is Junkin Monday without a little junk???


  1. Good Junk! One can never have too many baskets! I would say you have a good start to your week!
    Take care, Laura

  2. I just found your blog and love your taste! I do believe I'd have jumped on every single thing you pictured. Great minds, don't 'cha know?

  3. what an amazing haul! i love the fairy light, and the teacups are all so pretty.
    the pumpkin on the compote looks lovely.

  4. I would have brought those teacups home!!! I also buy thread on cones whenever I find them. I have even bought empty thread cones from a person on etsy. I love them full or empty. (still haven't used them yet...) You always find such great stuff. Our rummage sales are pretty much done for the winter. So sad, I know.

  5. i love your writing....and i love so many of your treasures! the thread spools...and THOSE TEA CUPS! divine!

  6. Oh, I wouldn't call any of these items junk. And the honey color on those candles is so warm and inviting. Stop by and be sure to click the "Follow" & "Subscribe" button so that we can share our junk finds more often.