Monday, November 2, 2009

Dear sweet Abby

She was reading me a story as I took her picture
This is but two of the one hundred and nineteen photos I took of Abby. I am posting these tonight so her mommy can see them after a stint in Photoshop. Isn't she beautiful !
I am kind of teasing you posting a picture at a time! Sorry...but worth the wait!



  1. Hi Joy,

    I love the candid way you have captured beautiful Abby, it's my favorite style of photography. What a fabulous image...can't wait to see more!

  2. Post those pictures!!! She is a beauty and you did a great job capturing her innocence.I used T-shirt transfers to add the writing to the chair. THey come in a box, I use Avery brand. You print it using your computer, of course, but make sure that the printer is set on "Mirror image" or "Iron transfer".
    Once is printed, cut around it and iron it on your fabric.Let it cool before you peel the paper. Try it, you'll love it!!

  3. beautiful little girl and beautiful photograph!